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Group of people working together.

Across a range of disciplines from architecture and engineering to business management and the arts, we bring a responsive, real-world approach to education that blends the experiences and expertise of nine professional schools with a grounding in the liberal arts.

Immersive Learning Empowers Global Citizenship and Inclusivity

Person talking to a child in classroom.

Syracuse University students engage in immersive learning experiences that go beyond the classroom, equipping them with the skills and confidence to adapt to new cultures, tasks, materials and environments. Whether studying abroad, conducting independent research or taking part in internships and community engagement, these firsthand experiences empower students to bridge theoretical knowledge and real-world applications.

I’m working toward a career that combines XR technology and design, similar to the research I’m doing with Professor Bartosh and on my graduate thesis.

Onkar Joshi G ’23 Architecture School of Architecture
Onkar Joshi using Virtual Reality.

Research Excellence in Experiential Inquiry

Students experiencing a project.

We embolden students and faculty to deeply and actively engage in research that advances interdisciplinary science and discovery. Beyond the campus, our facilities in locations in our communities and around the world serve as platforms for both experiential learning and impactful research. Research across areas of inquiry includes:

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People working with plants.
School of Education student teaching in classroom.