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Jennifer Montez teaching a class.

With a research focus on human thriving, we value and seek to enable the contributions of people of all ages, abilities and backgrounds and to understand the physical and social conditions needed to create and support healthy and sustainable communities for everyone.

Pioneering Human Thriving and Environmental Resilience

Students in the Falk Ernie Davis Lab.

With a long-standing commitment to human thriving, Syracuse University is leading research and education efforts to confront wide-ranging challenges to community health and wellness—from disability inclusion to the effects of climate change. Together, leading researchers, scholars and practitioners are working toward solutions, such as community resilience and environmental policy, that can advance the well-being of all.

When students come to my lab and I tell them we are working toward finding a solution to Alzheimer’s, they perk up and ask how they can contribute.

Professor Shikha Nangia Department of Biomedical and Chemical Engineering College of Engineering and Computer Science
Professor Shikha Nangia standing and smiling.

Research Excellence in Human Thriving

Professor David Driesen sitting at desk.

From healthy indoor environments to environmental policy, we prioritize research and education on climate change, sustainability and their effects on community well-being. Research includes: 

  • Altitude Simulation Laboratory focuses on how genes and environment interact to produce variation in human athletic ability and health and disease.
  • The BioInspired Institute supports research into complex biological systems, developing and designing programmable smart materials to address global challenges in health, medicine and materials innovation.
  • The Burton Blatt Institute (BBI) at Syracuse University reaches around the globe in its efforts to advance the civic, economic and social participation of people with disabilities.
  • The Center on Disability and Inclusion (CDI) works to develop and implement initiatives promoting the inclusion of people with disabilities in all aspects of school and society—both locally and globally.
  • The Engaged Humanities Network (EHN) is committed to the pursuit of more inclusive, interconnected, and just communities and institutions. Toward these ends, the network seeds, supports, and fosters exchanges across publicly engaged research, teaching, and creative projects.
  • Lerner Center for Public Health Promotion and Population Health is dedicated to creating public health programs that are motivating, sustainable and effective replicated in community and national prevention programs.
  • The Center for Health Behavior Research and Innovation (CHBRI) promotes and supports innovative health behavior research, training and community outreach.
Melissa Yuen art curator.
Timur Hammond looking at photos.
Landscape of Charles' garden beds and greenhouse with visiting students.