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Tracy Acquan with peers.

Committed to creating a more informed and engaged citizenry, we enhance training and leadership at every level to advance the greater good.

A Leading Force in Cultivating Engaged and Informed Citizens

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From government and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) to arts and community-based initiatives, our public service education training programs span disciplines. As leaders in civic engagement, our renowned faculty have served as influential advisors worldwide and have helped establish enduring partnerships, programs and entities that have advanced the public good. Today, the commitment to engaged citizenship continues through the education of professionals in human services, journalism, education, activism and foreign service. 

We can learn new things through interdisciplinary collaboration that we wouldn’t otherwise come across in our own disciplines that make for a more comprehensive approach to understanding the fundamental issues of our world.

Professor Luvell Anderson Philosophy College of Arts and Sciences
Professor Luvell Anderson.

Research Excellence in Engaged Citizenship

Our research priorities are connected across veterans and military families, resource sustainability, local civic engagement and global engagement. We support public-facing research across all academic units, including:

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  • Community Geography works in partnership with community-based organizations and university affiliates to map and spatially analyze topics of concern to Central New York communities.
  • The Center for Policy Research (CPR), an interdisciplinary center where experts from diverse fields explore policy issues through a range of different lenses—primarily economics, public administration, political science and sociology.
  • Institute for Democracy, Journalism and Citizenship engages in nonpartisan research, teaching and public dialogue aimed at strengthening trust in news media, governance and society.
  • Maxwell X Lab partners with the public and nonprofit sectors to build evidence for what works.
  • Moynihan Institute of Global Affairs is endowed by the U.S. Congress and explores the peoples, cultures, governments, economies and regions that comprise our interdependent world.
  • The Institute for Veterans and Military Families at Syracuse University, higher education’s first interdisciplinary academic institute, singularly focused on advancing the post-service lives of the nation’s military veterans and their families.
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Professor David Driesen standing in the library.
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