The Orange story has thousands of chapters. Discover some of the people, programs, and research that fuel Syracuse University's undeniable spirit.

Chase Guttman poses for a photo in front a striking Canadian landscape featuring a lake, pine trees, and mountains in the background

Drone Photographer Captures World FromAbove

Chase Guttman ’18 | By Amy Speach

Newhouse photography major Chase Guttman travels the globe in search of inspiring images.

Close-up of a researcher taking measurements of a baby finch with a ruler

Saving Darwin’s Finches fromExtinction

Galápagos Islands Finches | By Paula Meseroll

Falk professors, Margaret Voss and Rick Welsh, are are studying the impact of the P. downsi parasite on the Galápagos Islands finches, and working to find ecologically sound ways to control the parasite. 

Black & white photo of Jim Morin sitting at a desk drawing

Editorial Cartoonist Jim Morin’s SecondPulitzer

Jim Morin ’75 | By Renée K. Gadoua

Morin starts his day scrolling through Twitter, skimming newspapers, and watching the news. By 11 a.m., he emails his Miami Herald editor sketches for possible editorial cartoons.

Two Syracuse sailors in a sailboat with one leaning off the side, just inches above the water

Sailing Club Makes a Comeback atSyracuse

University Traditions | By Tom Wilber

At Syracuse University, Harmen Oscar Rockler ’13 was determined to spice up his education in journalism and political science with his passion for sailing. One thing led to another, and soon he was on a quest for a lost piece of Syracuse history.

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