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Students at Lender Center Symposium.

At Syracuse University, we believe diversity makes us all stronger. Since our founding, we’ve long recognized the benefits of embracing the talents and contributions of people from all backgrounds, nationalities and religions. To that end, we continue to expand the scope of our research and teaching across Central New York and around the world.

Commitment to Inclusivity and Global Engagement

Fullbright scholar poster event.

We place strong emphasis on global engagement, international education and contributions to organizations and institutions worldwide. From the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Library to the Community Folk Art Center, Syracuse University offers rich cultural resources accessible to both our campus and neighboring communities.

The purpose of my research was to discover whether perceptions of women’s distress following childbirth are affected by race and to understand what interpersonal factors might contribute to variations in concern.

Dorbor Tarley ’22 Human Development and Family Science David B. Falk College of Sport and Human Dynamics and Martin J. Whitman School of Management
Dorbor Tarley giving presentation on research.

Research Excellence in Global Diversity

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Our commitment to internationalization, diversity, equity, inclusion and outreach to various student populations is core to our approach and sets our research apart. Faculty prioritize DEIA and global issues, as well as veterans, military and post-traditional student groups. These efforts reinforce Syracuse University’s position as a leader in promoting global diversity and inclusivity in its research and educational initiatives, including:

  • The Center for Global Indigenous Cultures and Environmental Justice works across disciplines and alongside Indigenous communities to facilitate research in cultural heritage preservation and language revitalization, climate change and the environment, and defending political sovereignty.
  • The Center on Human Policy, a grant-funded center that supports research, teaching, and advocacy to promote the rights of people with disabilities locally, nationally and globally, and to facilitate a critical examination of disability as an aspect of diversity in society.
  • The Lender Center for Social Justice aspires to foster proactive, innovative and interdisciplinary approaches to issues related to social justice, equity and inclusion.
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A classroom with two people at the front, teaching a group of people sitting at desks.
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