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Students and professor in Robotics Link Lab

From AI and autonomous systems to quantum information and robotics, at Syracuse University we advance and amplify emerging tools and technologies that have the potential to reshape the world.

Infinite Potential. Infinite Possibilities.

Dan Pachecho working with students.

With an ethos of pursuing the bold and boundless, researchers at Syracuse University seek to ask and answer the big questions about our existence—going beyond the edge of what we thought was possible.

Through initiatives like smart materials and the Blackstone LaunchPad, students and faculty have the opportunity to explore and expand research on emerging technologies. Together, we’re equipping future scientists, scholars and creators to harness the potential of these innovations to move individuals, communities and society forward.

Anyone who stands, squats, bends or walks for a living is going to experience wear and tear. Our robotic exoskeletons prevent damage to injury-prone areas of the body while minimizing fatigue.

Professor Zhenyu Gan Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering College of Engineering and Computer Science
Professor Zhenyu Gan standing and smiling with dog robot.

Research Excellence in Emerging Technologies

Maxwell ASPI members sitting at a table talking.

We take an interdisciplinary approach to examine the interconnected challenges and opportunities of emerging technologies—and their potential for transformational change. Our research covers a wide range of fields, including:

Professor Amber Bartosh standing and smiling.
Student wearing virtual reality headset.
Students on computers.