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The Schine and Goldstein student centers are welcoming places where you can study, relax, eat, gather with friends, collaborate on projects and take advantage of a variety of services.

Schine Student Center

The newly renovated Hildegarde and J. Myer Schine Student Center is the University’s living room. As the hub for student life, Schine is the place to meet, eat, relax, study and attend events. It features open and accessible spaces and a central atrium with a two-story video wall.

Goldstein Student Center

The Ann and Alfred Goldstein Student Center is a 33,000 square-foot facility located on South Campus. It features a dining center, a convenience store, computer cluster, laundry room, fitness center, video games, ATM and a quiet study lounge.

Students painting at the Goldstein Center
Barnes Center main entrance, with blue sky and trees reflected in the glass around the door.

The Barnes Center at The Arch

As the hub for student wellness, the Barnes Center at The Arch features programs, services and offerings that promote holistic health and well-being, all in one accessible, centralized space on campus.

Explore the Barnes Center
Photo of Gilmore sitting behind a desk at the Intercultural Collective, smiling and handing a student.

The Intercultural Collective

The Intercultural Collective is a collaboration of the Office of Multicultural Affairs, the Disability Cultural Center and the LGBTQ Resource Center. Located in the Schine Student Center, the collective serves as a communal hub where you can connect with other students.

Learn about the collective

Additional Student Centers Resources

Student Engagement

Student Engagement serves as a resource and information network supporting the Schine and Goldstein student centers, registered student organizations, non-academic events and student development programs centered on leadership, connection and community.

Student Center Hours, Reservations and Programs

Student Centers and Programming Services (SCPS) manages the Schine and Goldstein student centers and supports student, academic and co-curricular programs and events.

Syracuse University Events

Syracuse University offers a vibrant array of campus events that support your academic, intellectual and personal development.