Housing for Graduate Students

Make a home for you and your family close to or on campus with various housing, childcare, and support options.

The University is bordered by both suburban and urban residential neighborhoods. Some students prefer city living and stay downtown, while others reside in apartments that are practically on campus. Begin your housing search early-use the links below to explore housing options in the Syracuse area. Please note that while the University does not endorse any particular housing option over another, past students have used the following resources to secure housing.

Families & Partners

Syracuse University welcomes your spouse/partner and/or children to campus. There are various resources on campus and in the community to help families adapt to life in Syracuse. On campus, all spouses, domestic partners, and dependents may use Syracuse’s fitness facilities (SUID card required) and have access to the Psychological Services Center, which specializes in the assessment and treatment of a variety of psychological problems in adults and adolescents. Some child care and education options may be available for your children, depending upon capacity.