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Connective Corridor

The Connective Corridor is a civic engagement initiative led by Syracuse University, working with the City of Syracuse and Onondaga County.

Connective Corridor bus on University Avenue at dusk

The Corridor creates a connection between the City and University, making it easier and more feasible for students to access many great downtown activities. Urban planning, art, and architecture are combined with smart growth and sustainability plans in the largest downtown public works project that the city and region has seen in more than 50 years.

Green Streets

As of 2015, a new network of “ green streets ” with bike and pedestrian paths link University Hill and downtown business and residential districts. This network has created a more livable, walkable community along a reconstructed two mile urban corridor.

Free Public Bus System

Syracuse University worked with Centro (Central New York's Regional Transportation) to introduce a free public bus system connecting campus and community venues. The system has grown from 6,000 rides to 200,000 rides annually, and links the City of Syracuse's arts, cultural, and heritage district with campus and community venues.

Preserving Art and Architecture

More than 70 façade improvements, funded through a grant program, were completed to augment the new streetscape. Many of these were historic preservation projects and business district revitalization initiatives.

In addition, an innovative “ Corridor of Light ” now illuminates 23 of the City’s most iconic buildings. The project includes a public corridor that features visual art and installations, interactive spaces, outdoor video, performance art, along with public workshops and lectures.