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Multicultural Affairs

The Office of Multicultural Affairs welcomes you. We support, guide, and encourage students to become members of a community that is respectful of differences.

We offer one-on-one support and reach out to all students who are struggling with the mixed messages they may receive in dealing with the issues of race and diversity.

Connect with OMA

Our Mission

To support and promote the academic achievement, multicultural competence, social development, civic engagement, and retention of students from historically underrepresented racial/ethnic groups at Syracuse University.

“My Personal Safe Space”

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The Office of Multicultural Affairs lobby "Pictured is the Office of Multicultural Affairs, my home away from home. OMA is my personal safe space. Whenever I feel overwhelmed by academics or in need of advice, OMA is always ready to help students. The atmosphere there is very comforting and supportive. And there’s always delicious treats waiting for us. It is extremely valuable to find that safe place on campus because difficult times are inevitable and knowing there are people rooting for you goes a long way. Shout out to @syr_oma for all the love and support!" –Fatima Bangura #Syracuse

Programs and Organizations

There is a rich variety of cultural programs and organizations at Syracuse to help you connect and grow. A few are highlighted below, but you're encouraged to browse the whole list.

This award-winning program engages first-year students in a comprehensive curriculum designed to enhance development in critical areas: ethnic/racial peer attachment, social engagement, worth and competence, reliable alliances, guidance, and leadership opportunities.

fullCIRCLE Mentoring Program

fullCIRCLE assists students in adjusting to the challenges of college life: academic, social, professional, and personal.


This program strives to create a place where women of color feel comfortable and included within and beyond the Syracuse University community. First-year students will be assisted by Dimensions mentors during the transition to campus life and activities.

Black Celestial Choral Ensemble

Founded in 1977, the Black Celestial Choral Ensemble consists of students at Syracuse University dedicated to ministering and lifting up the student community.

Asian Students In America (ASIA)

ASIA is a culturally diverse organization established as part of a rising movement of Asian American students.

Multicultural Greek Council (MGC)

The purpose of MGC is to provide a fraternity and sorority option that bases its membership on diversity awareness. MGC strives to enhance and enrich its members by promoting cross-cultural options.