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Investment and Endowment Committee Members

  • Steven W. Ballentine, Chair
  • Steven W. Barnes
  • Andrew T. Berlin
  • Darlene T. DeRemer
  • Elisabeth Fontenelli
  • Kenneth A. Pontarelli
  • Douglas A. Present
  • Kathleen A. Walters, Chair
  • Kent Syverud, Chancellor and President
  • William J. Brodsky
  • Michael A. Dritz
  • Stuart Frankel
  • Alan Gerry
  • Richard L. Haydon
  • Joshua H. Heintz
  • Jonathan J. Holtz
  • Peter A. Horvitz
  • Sharon Haines Jacquet
  • John L. Kreischer III
  • Marvin K. Lender
  • Susan C. Penny
  • Samuel J. Zamarripa
  • Gwenn Judge, Interim Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
  • Scott Kemp, Treasurer
  • Guilherme M. Costa, Interim Senior Vice President and University Secretary

As of June 14, 2022