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Veterans in uniform.

Are you considering the United States Armed Forces after high school graduation—but also have a college degree in your sights?

Operation Veteran Promise provides a pathway to Syracuse University upon completion of your initial term of enlistment.

Why Syracuse University?

  • Our 200+ degree programs, research opportunities and career guidance from industry experts will prepare you for success.
  • Ranked as the nation’s top private military school, we are committed to making college affordable for veterans.
  • We work with you to find the courses, services and programs that are best suited for your academic, professional and personal needs.
  • From day one, you’ll find camaraderie as you transition to academic life through organizations like the Student Veterans Organization.

We recognize that upon completion of their first term of enlistment in the U.S. Armed Forces, students will have demonstrated discipline, intellect and strength of character that will help them be successful here. We value the life experiences and contributions that our veterans bring to campus.

Learn more about resources, programs and initiatives for veteran and military students at Syracuse University.


Students who meet the following eligibility criteria will have guaranteed enrollment upon completion of their first term of enlistment.

  • A high school graduation date of spring 2021 and beyond. Students who have graduated high school before the launch of Operation Veteran Promise will not be eligible for the program.
  • Operation Veteran Promise is open to anyone enlisting in the active duty forces of the United States military.
  • Minimum cumulative high school GPA of 3.0 (unweighted).
  • Enrollment at Syracuse University upon conclusion of their first term of military service.
    • Any student whose military service is involuntarily extended will not be penalized for any enlistment extension.
    • Any student that voluntarily extends their enlistment contract will forfeit their guaranteed admission to Syracuse University through Operation Veteran Promise.
    • Any student who forfeits their guaranteed admission will still be eligible to apply for admission to Syracuse University using the traditional application process.
  • Separation from the military with an honorable or medical discharge.
  • Students are guaranteed full-time main-campus admission to Syracuse University. However, this does not guarantee admission into any specific school, college, or major.
  • Students will be subject to a review and evaluation of their disciplinary history and any criminal history.

Next Steps

  1. Please email us at to indicate your interest in Operation Veteran Promise.
  2. If you meet the above criteria, we will send you an application to complete.
  3. Over the course of your enlistment, the Office of Transfer and Veteran Admissions and a military advisor from our College of Professional Studies will stay in contact with you. You will be encouraged to take online courses and will receive guidance along the way.
  4. Toward the end of your enlistment, they will assist you with choosing a major and the application and enrollment processes.
  5. Should you wish to continue military service after graduating from Syracuse University, you will be connected with Army and Air Force ROTC to determine interest and eligibility for ROTC.

Contact Us

We commend your plan to enter the U.S. Armed Forces. For questions, or to begin the process of securing your guaranteed enrollment at Syracuse University following your initial enlistment, please email, and a counselor from our Office of Transfer and Veteran Admissions will contact you.

Change of Plans?

We understand that plans change. If you are admitted to Operation Veteran Promise and you decide not to pursue enrollment at Syracuse University following your enlistment, you will not be penalized or held responsible for any charges.