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Digital Humanities

Digital humanities is an integrated learning major (ILM) that combines the traditional strengths of the humanities with attention to digital and information technology. It enables students to extend their study of the humanities to digital culture, as both a tool in service of the humanities and an object of humanistic study.

The program enables students to apply the traditional skills of the humanities (contextualization, historicization, critical and rhetorical thinking) in order to understand digital culture while also learning how digital technologies can enable us to explore key questions to the humanities.

The major can be combined with any other major at Syracuse, and fits especially well with humanities majors within the College of Arts and Sciences.

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About the College of Arts and Sciences

The founding college of Syracuse University remains at the center of undergraduate learning. The College is divided into the natural sciences and mathematics, the humanities, and the social sciences, with the lattermost offered in partnership with the Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs.


Core coursework includes the study of technology from a variety of humanistic and historical perspectives, the relationship between works of culture and the technological media that enable them, programming and document/web design, and a senior capstone class. Sample courses include

  • Computing Culture – Technology and the Humanities
  • Introduction to Programming
  • Game Histories and Cultures
  • Humanistic Computing
  • Spatial Storytelling
  • Politics in the Cyber Age

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Practical Experience

Take advantage of real-world learning opportunities that will bolster and enhance your experience.

Study Abroad

Consistently ranked among the top international education providers in the U.S., Syracuse Abroad is a storied part of the Syracuse experience. With over 100 programs in 60 countries, nearly half of all students go abroad during their four years.

Life After Syracuse University

The career options for majors in the Digital Humanities Integrated Learning Major are broad. By building on a student’s primary major, a degree in digital humanities prepares students for careers in a variety of areas where an increased fluency of digital media and culture is considered an asset:

  • Education
  • Media
  • Cultural heritage/history
  • Nonprofits
  • Marketing
  • Law