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Choose from a rich variety of courses in cultural anthropology and archaeology, courses that draw you into other worlds and times, and push you to think about your own world and time in striking new ways.

The anthropology curriculum will deepen your understanding of a wide range of subjects, including the cross-cultural analysis of politics, religion, the family, the body, and medicine; human evolution and adaptation; social and cultural change over the millennia; and the application of anthropological knowledge to contemporary human problems.

The anthropology major brings a global perspective to the study of humanity, explores the human experience across space and time, and prepares students to pursue a broad spectrum of rewarding careers.

About Maxwell

The Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs is Syracuse University’s home for innovative, interdisciplinary teaching and research in the social sciences, public policy, public administration and international relations. It includes America’s #1 ranked graduate program in public affairs, offering highly regarded professional degrees alongside advanced scholarly degrees in the social sciences, and it is home to undergraduate programs across the full spectrum of social sciences. 


Core coursework is comprised of archaeology, linguistics, and cultural anthropology. Sample courses include:

  • ANT 121 Peoples & Cultures of the World
  • ANT 141 Introduction to Archaeology & Prehistory
  • ANT 200 Sunken Cities and Hidden Treasures
  • ANT 300 The Archaeology of Religion & Ritual
  • ANT 300 Ghosts & Ghostbusters
  • ANT 348 Mummies, Tombs, and Treasure
  • ANT 358 Peace, War and Security
  • ANT 373 Magic and Religion
  • ANT 400 Politics, Religion & Violence
  • ANT 400 Global Citizenship
  • ANT 436 Bioarchaeology
  • ANT 482 Life Histories

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Hands-On Student Learning Opportunities

  • Go on a summer archaeological dig in Wisconsin to learn about 19th century multi-ethnic communities
  • Work in state-of-the-art archaeology labs
  • Engage on hands-on learning with skeletal remains
  • Design cultural anthropological field projects that explore everything from women’s health in refugee communities, to alternative high school classrooms, to clinics for the uninsured
  • Prepare foods from bygone ages

Study Abroad

Studying abroad is a longstanding tradition at Syracuse University. Ranked among the top 25 international education providers in the U.S., Syracuse Abroad has more than 100 programs in 60 countries, with nearly half of all students going abroad during their four years.

Anthropology majors most often go abroad to Syracuse University centers in Florence, London, Madrid, and Santiago. Summer programs of interest include Survey of Current Issues in Africa Migration (Ghana).

Life After Syracuse University

A BA in anthropology puts you on track to pursue careers in

  • Anthropology
  • Qualitative research
  • Archaeology
  • Cultural resource management
  • Heritage preservation
  • International project consulting
  • Museum curation
  • Policy analysis
  • Forensic science
  • International marketing
  • Documentary film-making

Anthropology majors have also gone on to pursue masters’ and doctoral degrees in anthropology, archeology, urban planning, geography, history, law, indigenous studies, women and gender studies, and others.