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Italian Language, Literature, and Culture B.A.

Investigate both the literature and culture of the Italian-speaking world.
Improve your language skills and enhance your exposure to Italian culture and history by spending a semester or year living and studying in Florence.
Improve your language skills and enhance your exposure to Italian culture and history by spending a semester or year living and studying in Florence.

About this Program

  • Enjoy small class sizes: Introductory language courses are capped at 20 students to enhance learning and interaction between students and professors.
  • Contribute to and benefit from frequent and diverse cultural activities, such as film screenings and language and culture tables where students can practice their speaking and comprehension skills.
  • Pursue scholarship and fellowship opportunities like the prestigious Boren and Fulbright awards.
  • Conduct research with national and international scholars and benefit from the international connections of our world-renowned faculty.
  • Develop a global perspective by studying in Italy, taking courses in literature, fine arts, history, political science and other topics on location, in addition to language courses.
  • Take your cultural immersion a step further by pursuing an internship while abroad.
  • Explore diverse career paths by combining Italian with another major course of study and exhibit your advanced language proficiency to pursue a wide range of professional opportunities, especially if you’re interested in international or multinational experiences.
  • Delve into the culture, aesthetics and sociocultural issues of Italy, past and present by minoring in Italian.
  • A minor in Italian is available.

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College or School

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College of Arts and Sciences

The College of Arts and Sciences (A&S) is Syracuse University’s first and largest college. As the home of the liberal arts, our internationally recognized programs provide the cornerstone of a Syracuse University education with 50+ majors in the natural sciences and mathematics, the humanities and the social sciences (in partnership with the Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs).
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Solidify your Italian language skills through language-focused coursework, then take upper-division courses taught in Italian. In these upper-division courses, gain expertise in sociocultural issues as well as literary and cinematic history, analysis and theory. This interdisciplinary curriculum is grounded in the history of Italy and its culture from the Middle Ages through the Renaissance to the present.

  • Demonstrate a general knowledge of Italian culture, giving examples from literature, art, history, geography, religion, politics, film and music.
  • Recognize differences in cultural behavior between your culture(s) and Italian culture.
  • Express yourself in Italian on a number of subjects of practical and intellectual relevance.
  • Engage in conversations on complex ideas—for example, through discussion and analysis of a literary text—and provide a supported argument, including emerging evidence in support of your points of view.
  • Comprehend a broad range of subjects of practical and intellectual relevance based on the specific vocabulary studied.
  • Comprehend complex texts previously presented and discussed in class—such as novels, short stories, essays and newspaper articles—and understand their main ideas and supporting details.
  • Derive meaning from context and linguistic features.
  • Write summaries, descriptions and critical interpretations of complex texts—for example, on canonical literary works of the Middle Ages and modern times using different tenses and expressing your points of view.

  • Italy Today: Language, Media and Culture in Contemporary Italy
  • Dante’s Divine Comedy: Inferno
  • Lies, Deception, and Miscreants in Italian Literature
  • Africa in Italian Literature
  • Love, Italian Style

Extracurricular Opportunities

Career mentoring

Network with Italian Program Alumni

Students have the opportunity to learn about the different career paths that Syracuse Italian majors have pursued with great success. As part of this opportunity, students develop mentor/mentee relationships with professionals who can highlight the diversity of opportunities available to students with advanced language proficiency. This is an especially important piece of our program’s commitment to advising and career planning.

Study Abroad

Syracuse Florence

Students majoring in Italian language, literature, and culture are encouraged to immerse themselves in Italian culture. What better way to do this than to study abroad in Italy? For a full semester, Syracuse students can live, learn and even pursue internships at the University’s center in Florence, Italy. Syracuse professors living in Florence offer coursework that is infused with Italian cuisine and art. While abroad, students live with Italian host families for even deeper cultural immersion and language practice.

Building with palm tree in front
Study abroad opportunity

Study at Italian Universities

While abroad, choose to study at the University of Florence, where courses are taught in either English or Italian. The Centro di Cultura per Stranieri, which is part of the University of Florence, is located just across the piazza from the Syracuse Florence Center.

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