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Executive Committee Members

  • Kathleen A. Walters, Chair
  • Steven W. Barnes, Chairman Emeritus
  • Kent Syverud, Chancellor and President 
  • Richard M. Alexander
  • Steven W. Ballentine
  • Andrew T. Berlin
  • David G. Edelstein
  • Clifford J. Ensley
  • Harold A. Fetner
  • Shelly L. Fisher
  • Elisabeth Fontenelli
  • Lawrence S. Kramer
  • James D. Kuhn
  • Christine E. Larsen
  • Deborah R. Leone
  • Patricia H. Mautino
  • Mark A. Neporent
  • Edward J. Pettinella
  • Jeffrey M. Scruggs
As of May 22, 2021