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5 Ways Syracuse University Is Preparing Students for the Future

Syracuse University’s academic strategic plan is a vision for the future that will help you learn about the University, grow as a person, pursue your goals and prepare for what’s ahead.
Braeden Chevrie on computer in ESports lab.

Syracuse University students take on an opposing school in an esports competition. Along with competitions and recreational fun, the University offers courses on esports and will launch an esports communications and management program next fall.

1. Explore Ways to Innovate

If you’re looking to put your ideas into action, this is the place. The University has a focus on innovation, new technology and bringing different areas of study and research together to solve issues. As part of this approach, the University provides students with valuable opportunities and experiences and has created many new programs, including an esports communication and management program that begins next fall.

Student wearing virtual reality goggles in classroom.

A student works on a project in a virtual reality space on campus. There are many opportunities to work with new technologies and apply them to learning and research.

Through student entrepreneurship programs, you can get help starting a business, receive funding for an idea and work with experts who will help you turn the idea into an invention. As artificial intelligence and other technologies play a bigger role in our society, you’ll have the opportunity to learn more about them. You also may want to combine your interests—for example, matching a passion for social justice with environmental policy.

2. Find a Place To Thrive

Students sit in circle with wild foraged food on a baking tray.

Students in a class taught by nutrition and food studies professor Estelí Jiménez-Soto check out peppers harvested from Pete’s Giving Garden, a campus source that allows them to explore sustainable practices.

The University wants to bring out the best in you. It recognizes the diverse talents and abilities of people from all walks of life. You can learn from the experiences of others, and they can learn from you. You’ll benefit from a campus committed to health promotion and human services and explore what helps individuals and communities thrive. You’ll have the opportunity to participate in cultural and creative activities that will expose you to new perspectives and give life meaning. In the classroom and through research and other activities, you can learn about the role of sustainability in society, how climate change and other environmental challenges impact communities and collaborate on ways to find solutions. This introduces you to a way of thinking about a healthy you and a healthy planet.

3. Embrace Global Diversity in Our Community

Student dances on stage in front of international flags.

An international student performs during the University’s Welcome Week. International cultural events and activities are an important part of campus life at Syracuse University.

Syracuse University welcomes people from all corners of the world from different backgrounds, nationalities and religions. It values how internationalization, diversity, equity, inclusion and accessibility in all activities create a stronger community. Whether you’re an international student, a student from across the country or down the street, you’ll find a welcoming community that supports global diversity through residence life, classroom experiences, cultural centers and affinity groups.

Student smiles in front of London Bridge.

London is one of many places around the world where students study abroad. Through such experiences, students learn about other cultures and gain global perspectives.

You’ll have the opportunity to study abroad and experience life in a different country or study away at a satellite campus in New York City, Washington, D.C., or Los Angeles. Many of the schools and colleges also offer academic-based immersion trips. Last year, Syracuse students traveled on short-term trips to places as diverse as New York City and Guatemala City, Seoul and Sydney, Cape Town and Calgary, and San Francisco and Santiago.

4. Get Involved With Hands-On Experiences

Two students pose outside of NBC studios in New York City.

S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications students enjoy an outing in New York City, where students intern with leading media companies and businesses. Many academic programs host immersion trips in U.S. cities and abroad, giving students the opportunity to gain practical experience.

If you like hands-on learning, you’ll discover plenty of opportunities here. Through classroom and research experiences, internships, community service, study abroad and study away, and student organizations, you’ll build skills and learn. You can join a professor in research testing a local water source, do a shift at a radio station, work on reading initiatives at a local school, design marketing materials for a local nonprofit, analyze stats for a sports team, organize a concert—and much, much more. Whatever your interest or career path you’re considering, you’ll gain experience with it while you’re here.

5. Make an Impact

Woman in business casual stands on balcony with Washington Monument in background.

With an emphasis on public service and helping improve life for others, students explore numerous issues that affect society. This student attended a sustainability and offshore wind and energy symposium in Washington, D.C.

Public service is a tradition at Syracuse University that will broaden how you think about things and introduce you to important issues, whether you’re interning for an international organization through a study abroad program or exploring a local neighborhood’s concerns through the Engaged Humanities Network. By being an engaged citizen, you’ll be a part of something bigger than yourself, working with people in the community and contributing to solutions.

The Shaw Center for Public and Community Service, for example, connects students with hands-on learning opportunities in the local community—and you’ll find other opportunities through classes, research, internships and volunteering. Whether you’re interested in the arts, social services or government, you can contribute to advancing community goals and helping improve life for others.

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Student works on computer in internship.

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