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​Student Organizations

Life and learning happen inside the classroom—and out! Syracuse University is home to more than 300 extracurricular groups, so you'll never run out of ways to live and learn.

Student a cappella group, The Mandarins, singing in Hendricks Chapel

Whether you’ve got a passion for politics, a shine for Shakespeare, or you’re just looking for a fun and interesting way to spend your leisure time, student organizations are a great way to get involved. There are currently more than 300 recognized student organizations on campus and they cover every interest you can think of—academic, cultural, political, professional, recreational, and more. And if you don’t find an organization that suits your interests, you can even start your own!

Student Engagement

Connecting with Student Engagement is where you’ll find student organizations you can join, information on who they are and when they meet, and events for you to browse.

Graduate Organizations

Expand your education and social network by joining a graduate-specific student organization.

If you enroll as a graduate student, you will automatically be a member of the Graduate Student Organization (GSO). The GSO offers you social opportunities, and facilitates connections to services all over campus, including:

  • Subsidized Student Legal Services , which offers free legal counsel on issues ranging from lease reviews to moving violations, and partner with many other services on campus.
  • Subsidized tuition at the Early Education and Child Care Center and Bernice Wright Nursery School, providing lower cost childcare for graduate students with families.
  • Expanded programming with Career Services and the Future Professoriate Program, providing additional workshops and panels to help you make the most of graduate school, both while you’re here and on the job market.
  • Travel Grant funding, as well as funding for Special Programming events throughout the year, which are put on by and for graduate students and the greater SU community.
  • The Inn Complete, a graduate student pub with a unique atmosphere, variety of games, and entertainment. In partnership with the GSO for nearly two decades, this is a hidden hot spot and social point for all graduate students.
  • Subsidized trips with Outdoor Adventure, ranging from a few hours to a few days of adventure and education.
  • Free beginning- and end-of-year picnics, beer tastings, wine tastings, and many more opportunities to meet your fellow grad students.