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​Women’s and Gender Studies

Take classes from more than a dozen academic departments and examine the myriad of ways ideas and practices about gender shape the world. Explore gender-related issues focusing on race, ethnicity, age, class, sexuality, ability, and more.

About the College of Arts and Sciences

The founding college of Syracuse University remains at the center of undergraduate learning. The College is divided into the natural sciences and mathematics, the humanities, and the social sciences, with the lattermost offered in partnership with the Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs.


Sample courses for women's and gender studies majors include:

  • Feminist Theory
  • Gender, Militarism, and War
  • Feminisms, Sexualities, and Human Rights in Middle Eastern Societies
  • Race, Class, and Gender
  • LGBT Studies in Sexuality
  • Beyond the Veil: Gender Politics in Islam

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Practical Experience

Seize opportunities to do community volunteering and professional internships--on campus, off campus, or internationally. Academic counselors and faculty advisors will guide you in aligning your interests and academic path with opportunities for growth.

There are more than 300 recognized student organizations at Syracuse University, and you can get involved with any of them. In addition to organizations that support women and promote women's issues, you’ll find groups formed around themes like art, politics, advocacy, government, media, and service.

Study Abroad

Broaden your perspective and enhance your resume with an international experience through  Syracuse Abroad , which features more than 100 programs in 60 countries. You can choose semester, summer, short-term, and yearlong options for international study.

Women and gender studies majors most often go abroad to Syracuse University centers in Florence, London, and Madrid, and World Partner programs including DIS Copenhagen and Fordham in Pretoria.

Summer programs of interest may include British Masculinity on Screen: James Bond and Sherlock Holmes (London), Paris Noir, and Sexuality in Spain (Madrid).

Life After Syracuse University

As a College of Arts & Sciences graduate with a major in women’s and gender studies, you can explore careers in:

  • Arts and media
  • Social services
  • Counseling
  • Journalism and editing
  • Public relations
  • Politics and law

You can also pursue graduate training in such areas as law, education, journalism, and more. Recent graduates of the program have attended some of the top graduate schools in the U.S.