College of Arts and Sciences

Engage in the scientific study of behavior. Enrolled students enjoy a robust curriculum strengthened by research into individual and social problems.

In order to help students pursue their career aspirations, the psychology program offers a number of options for students to be successful in a variety of fields from business, communications, and social services to medicine, dentistry and physical therapy.

Consider psychology as a major if you are intrigued by these questions:

  • Why do people feel certain emotions?
  • What is the best way to help someone struggling with a particular disorder?
  • What is the relationship between emotion and action?
  • How do people develop their personality traits?
  • How do childhood experiences shape an individual?

Major in psychology

Sample Courses

Core coursework encompasses statistics, biology, and human behavior. Sample courses include:

  • Abnormal Psychology
  • Alcohol Use and Abuse
  • Behavioral Analysis in Children
  • Stress and Health
  • Personality
  • Cognition and Aging

View all major requirements.

Practical Experience

The psychology program offers a huge variety of experiential learning opportunities as supplements to the curriculum.

  • Get involved in the Allport Project which supports and recognizes students who choose to work above and beyond the required curriculum in psychology
  • Take part in the PRIDE summer research experience— a seven week program where students work closely with faculty and graduate student mentors on an original research project
  • Challenge yourself as a Renée Crown University Honors student
  • Join the Psychology Club to network and collaborate with students in the program

Study Abroad

Enhance your resume and your college experience with a semester abroad. Ranked among the top 25 international education providers in the U.S., SU Abroad has more than 100 programs in 60 countries. Psychology students are able to go abroad to a number of centers including those in Santiago, London, and Hong Kong.

Life After Syracuse University

With a degree in psychology you’ll be prepared for a number of careers, including:

  • Clinical psychologist
  • Industrial psychologist
  • Marriage and family therapist
  • Mental health and substance abuse social worker
  • Research psychologist
  • School psychologist

Or, pursue a graduate degree. Recent graduates of the program have attended many of the top graduate schools in the U.S.