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Students at the World Forum On Democracy.

Syracuse University’s corporate and nonprofit collaborations harness academic expertise and external resources to drive innovation, community engagement and meaningful solutions to local and global communities.

Advancing Innovation, Supporting Student Success and Driving Social Impact

Strategic partnerships encompass a wide range of activities, including research collaborations, philanthropic support, internship opportunities for students and community outreach programs. Through these alliances, the University enhances its capacity to address complex challenges while also providing valuable learning experiences for students and creating a positive impact on both local and global levels. Syracuse University’s commitment to forging these partnerships underscores our community’s dedication to being responsible, engaged and actively contributing to the world’s well-being.

Student at their Cannon Design internship.

Corporate Relations

Corporate partnership initiatives aim to foster collaborations and mutually beneficial relationships with businesses, creating opportunities for industry-specific research, internships and philanthropic support.

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Student working with children at LaCasita.

Nonprofit and Foundation Relations

We actively cultivate nonprofit and foundation relations, securing support for research, community engagement and educational initiatives that address critical social challenges and promote positive change.

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Faculty with students sitting at a table.

Faculty Resources

Faculty members have the resources and support to engage in meaningful corporate and nonprofit partnerships, facilitating research, philanthropic opportunities and community engagement initiatives that align with the University’s mission and academic goals.

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Services, Resources and Relationship Building

From funding support to dedicated liaison teams that connect faculty and partners, Syracuse University has a dedicated suite of services and resources to facilitate successful collaborations. Through networking events, workshops and forums, we prioritize relationship-building—creating a supportive environment for forging lasting connections.

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