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The Nancy Cantor Warehouse is located at 350 W. Fayette Street in Syracuse, NY.

Groups or organizations with nonprofit status and an educational component in their mission may use the Warehouse community spaces, free of charge. All other services, such as technical support, CART, catering, etc., are not included. Meetings and events must also be free for attendees.

Funds may be raised to support a nonprofit, but all money must be handled by the guest organization and all risk undertaken. If your group is handling money on the premises, please notify the security officer at the front desk.

These community spaces are available on a first-come, first-served basis, so plan ahead to get your preferred time and location.

  • Auditorium (100a)
    • Maximum capacity: 121
    • Projection and video/audio recording ready
    • First floor off of Washington Street and one flight of stairs up from W. Fayette Street
  • Small Conference Room (002)
    • Maximum capacity: 17
    • Projection ready
    • Ground floor off of W. Fayette Street
  • Community Engagement Room (016)
    • Maximum capacity: 146
    • Projection ready
    • Ground floor off of W. Fayette Street and downstairs from W. Washington Street

Once you have completed the online request form, you will be notified of eligibility and availability within four business days of your request.