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Ten Great Places to Study for Finals

These spots offer peace and quiet when it’s time to hit the books.

Every student has different techniques when it comes to studying—from how to take notes to where to review your lessons. Some students prefer absolute silence while others require a little background noise. No matter how or where you study, Syracuse University has a place for everyone.

For the Traditionalist: Bird Library

Students sitting on a large couch studying in a library.

Bird Library

With seven floors, Bird Library has plenty of space for group or hushed studying: the Quiet Reading Room on the lower level, the computer workstations in the Quiet Computing Area on the second floor and the Plastics Pioneers Reading Room on the sixth floor. The sixth floor Safire Room has a truly studious atmosphere—plus a great view of campus!

For the Coffee Drinker: The Noble Room

Students sitting in arm chairs studying on computers.

The Noble Room at Hendricks Chapel

If caffeine is crucial for your studying, this study spot next to the People’s Place cafe will do the trick. The Noble Room on the lower level of Hendricks Chapel offers a relaxing setting for comparing notes with your classmates. With comfy couches and chairs, and easy access to coffee, you may never want to leave.

For the People-Watcher: Panasci Lounge

Student sitting on chairs in front of a large window with view of campus buildings.

The Panasci Lounge in the Schine Student Center

You won’t miss a moment on campus when you hit the books at the Panasci Lounge on the third floor of the Schine Student Center. This quiet lounge is a great place to watch the action outside during a study break. Couches and chairs abound, so the lounge is also a convenient place to take a power nap between finals.

For the Homebody: Study Lounges

View of a room with a pool table and couches.

Residence hall study lounge

If the hustle and bustle of campus tempt you with one too many diversions, your own desk or residence hall lounge may be just what you need. Most residence halls feature a lounge on each floor, providing easy access to a dedicated spot to review notes from the comfort of your home.

For the Snacker:

View of food court room with students studying at tables. in Newhouse 3

Food is fuel, and you need plenty of fuel during finals. Located in Newhouse 3, has tons of booths and tables to sit at for a few hours. Once you’ve nailed down that knowledge, take a break for breakfast foods, sandwiches, salads or smoothies, then go ace that test!

For the Easygoing: Atriums

Whitman atrium.

The atrium in the Whitman School

The atrium windows in several buildings, including the Martin J. Whitman School of Management and Life Sciences Complex, allow natural light to dance off the walls on sunny days, making them pleasant spaces to study. Both buildings also have cafes where you can read and refuel before and after exams.

For the Collaborator: ICE Box

Students sitting on couches talking with one another.

The ICE Box in the School of Information Studies

Stay focused on your academic goals at the Hinds ICE Box in the School of Information Studies. The Innovation, Collaboration and Entrepreneurship Center—hence, the ICE Box—provides an interactive atmosphere for students tackling final projects or launching startup companies.

For the History Buff: Martin Luther King Jr. Library

Student studying with open laptop in a library with a plant nearby on a table.

Martin Luther King Jr. Library in Sims Hall

Even if your finals don’t involve history or art, it’s always nice to take in a little of each. You can find both at the Martin Luther King Jr. Library in Sims Hall. Surround yourself with collections featuring rare and first editions and original print and ceramic works while you use the library’s state-of-the-art computer cluster and media workstation.

For the Reader: Carnegie Library Reading Room

View of interior of a library with large, open central area.

The Carnegie Library Reading Room

For dedicated quiet study, head to the Carnegie Library Reading Room. This soaring sanctuary was completed in the early 1900s thanks to a donation from Andrew Carnegie. Students have long wandered to the study room to concentrate on their reading surrounded by the stacks of math, biology, astronomy and chemistry books.

For the Nature Lover: The Great Outdoors

Student sitting on a bench outside on a college campus.

Kenneth A. Shaw Quadrangle

Grab your textbooks and head outside to set up a space to review your course materials. Syracuse isn’t always sunny, so take advantage of the warm weather and sunshine while you can! Get some friends, bring some snacks, and multitask by soaking up the sun while you study.

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