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Recreation and Exercise Facilities

Whether you enjoy a pick-up game, fitness classes, or solo work-outs, our variety of gymnasiums, fitness centers, and recreation areas on campus will help you stay active and healthy.

Students running on treadmills in Archbold gym

Main Campus

Learn more on the Fitness Centers webpage

Barnes Center at The Arch

The Barnes Center at The Arch is located just off the Quad on North campus behind the Dome. This state-of-the-art health, wellness and recreation complex serves as the hub of student wellness on campus.
Features: fitness centers, climbing wall, esports, multi-activity court, weight room, basketball courts, dance studios, table-tennis courts, two pools, showers and changing facilities, locker rooms

South Campus

Skytop Recreation Area

Features: 20 tennis courts, two basketball courts, one field, two sand volleyball courts
Features: pro shop, skate rental shop, skate sharpener
The ice is used by the men’s and women’s ice hockey and figure skating clubs and intramural hockey and broomball leagues, special group reservations and rentals, and the Women's Division One Ice Hockey Team. Additional information may be found on the Ice Sports webpage .
Features: teambuilding and group problem solving programs, a low-and high-element outdoor challenge course.
Challenge your group to engage in a unique learning environment and build relationships, establish trust and camaraderie in a fun, different way. Help take your group to the next level (literally and figuratively) as you ascend the outdoor challenge course.
Additional information can be found on the Barnes Center website.
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