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Student Organizations

Life and learning happen inside the classroom—and out! Syracuse University is home to more than 300 extracurricular groups, so you'll never run out of ways to live and learn.

Group of people smiling at the camera.

Members of the Orange Seeds club across campus are determined to help first-year and transfer students become active and get involved around the university.

Whether you’ve got a passion for politics, a shine for Shakespeare, or you’re just looking for a fun and interesting way to make new friends, student organizations are a great way to get involved. There are currently more than 300 recognized student organizations on campus and they cover every interest you can think of—academic, cultural, political, professional, recreational, and more.

  • Basketball Analytics Club
  • Fashion and Design Society
  • CryptoCuse
  • Danceworks
  • African Student Union
  • A Cappela Council at SU
  • Alpha Chi Sigma - Pi
  • Slow Food

The benefit of being involved in Slow Food and student organizations in general is you’re able to truly find your people within a certain niche. The people in Slow Food get as excited about an heirloom tomato as I do.

—Daisy Leepson ’23

Volunteer and Community Engagement Groups

Find opportunities to give back! Volunteering can lead you to develop significant leadership skills while contributing to a greater cause. The members of these clubs and organizations are motivated to uplift the local community and implement their efforts into building a better world.

  • OttoTHON
  • Rotaract Club
  • Slice Consulting
  • Syracuse University Ambulance
  • Shine On!
  • OrangeSeeds
  • Global Medical Brigades
  • Students for Farm Workers
numerous people dancing in an auditorium.

OttoTHON members got together to celebrate their 12-hour dance marathon to wrap up their yearly efforts of raising funds for children and families in need.

Create your own student organization

If you don't find an organization that suits your interests, you can even start your own! Look for like-minded people around campus and create a new opportunity to enjoy the college life.