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​Enrollment Options for International Students

International students have three enrollment options when applying to Syracuse University.

First-Year Student

Apply as a first-year student to begin at Syracuse University after secondary school. Be sure to submit your application by January 1. You may be able to apply after January 1 if space is available in your program.
If Syracuse University is your first choice, consider applying Early Decision. As an Early Decision candidate, you agree to enroll if admitted to your preferred college at Syracuse. You may apply to other universities, but you will agree to withdraw those applications if you are accepted at Syracuse. The early decision application deadline is  November 15 .

Transfer Student

If you are an international student with more than 12 hours of college credit, you may be eligible to transfer to Syracuse University. Transfer students need to apply by July 1, but are encouraged to apply as early as possible to receive full consideration for admission and housing. Enrollment in some colleges and programs may be limited. Transfer applications will be evaluated by the Admissions Committee as they are received and become complete.

Spring Semester Student

The application deadline for spring enrollment is November 15. However, spring enrollment is on a space available basis, so we encourage interested students to apply earlier.