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Undergraduate Request for Deferral of Admission

Syracuse University supports student requests for deferral of admission to pursue non-academic experiences. Common reasons for deferral requests include but are not limited to: military service, religious activity, research, employment, community service and travel.


For your deferral request to be processed you must first submit your Admissions Acceptance form and the required non-refundable $500 tuition deposit and $450 housing deposit (if living on campus)* which can be found in the MySlice portal. Please note important deadlines below.

Deferral Policies

  1. Deferred admission may only be granted to admitted students who have paid the non-refundable $500 tuition deposit and $450 housing deposit (if living on campus).
  2. Deferred admission may be granted for one or two semesters. An exception may be made for students who must complete two years of mandatory national military service.  In these cases a two-year deferment will be permitted.
  3. Students are only eligible to defer to the same undergraduate school/college and major into which originally admitted. Changes in either require a new admissions review as well as a new merit scholarship review.
  4. Need-based financial aid may not be deferred. Students must reapply for financial aid by the deadline listed below. Students can expect notification of financial aid awards by early April of the spring before fall entrance or early December of the winter before spring entrance.
  5. Merit scholarship awards are deferred for domestic and international students.
  6. International students who require an F-1 Student Visa must resubmit documentation that demonstrates the ability to fund their education for one full academic year.
  7. Students planning to complete a post-graduate year of high school are not eligible for deferred admission.
  8. Students planning to matriculate at another institution are not eligible for deferral. Any deferred student who matriculates at another institution will lose deferred admission status at Syracuse and will forfeit the tuition and housing deposits. Students who wish to take courses with non-degree status during the period of deferment are limited to two courses per semester.
  9. Students admitted to Syracuse University on a conditional basis are not eligible for deferral.
  10. First-year students are required to submit a final high school transcript before the start of the new term. Transfer students are required to submit an official transcript from the most recent school attended.

Important Deadlines

Request for Deferral Deadline

June 15 Deadline for submitting the Request for Deferral of Admission form for fall semester applicants.
December 15 Deadline for submitting the Request for Deferral of Admission form for spring semester applicants.

If you have not paid the required admission and housing deposits, please contact the Office of Admissions at and inquire about next steps for the deferral process.

Financial Aid Forms and Deadline (for U.S. Citizens and Permanent Residents)

To apply for financial assistance, you must complete both the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and the CSS Financial Aid Profile.

November 15 Deadline for students with deferred admission status for the fall or spring semester to submit all financial aid forms.

*If you have already paid your deposit and now wish to defer, please email to inquire about next steps.