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Cost of Attendance

Your college degree lays the foundation for your personal fulfillment and future earning power. Our goal is to provide you with an affordable, world-class education that pays dividends throughout your life.

Explore cost breakdowns for undergraduate, graduate and international students. These include direct expenses like tuition, housing, fees and meals as well as variable expenses like books, supplies and transportation.  

Five incoming Syracuse University freshman from Corcoran, a local Syracuse high school, walk together on campus. Click to read the story.

Undergraduate Students

Find detailed information about the direct expenses as well as the indirect expenses that make up the cost of attendance for undergraduates.

Students in a classroom taking notes. Click to learn about Graduate cost and aid.

Graduate Students

The cost of attendance for graduate students is an estimate of what it will cost to attend Syracuse University for an academic year.

A row of international flags.

International Students

Similar to undergraduate and graduate students, there are two types of expenses that make up the cost of attendance.

Portrait of Chevon Janczuk

I am so grateful for the HEOP program because I thought I would be taking out loans for college. I am not building my husband and myself a mountain of debt.

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—Chevon Janczuk, Higher Education Opportunity Program