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To lower the cost of attendance, we offer merit-based scholarships and provide steps to apply for scholarships awarded by outside sources.

Scholarships Awarded by Syracuse University

Merit-based scholarships (money that does not need to be repaid) for undergraduate students are awarded by the Admissions Committee to recognize academic achievement regardless of financial need.

These scholarships are based on:

  • Academic credentials
  • Performance on standardized tests (if submitted)
  • Portfolio or audition results (if relevant)
  • Leadership, community and extracurricular involvement
  • Overall citizenship

Read the requirements to renew merit-based academic scholarships.

Merit based scholarships are awarded by Admissions regardless of need. If you apply for need-based financial aid, your eligibility will be calculated based upon your remaining need after your merit scholarship has been applied to your aid package.

Scholarships Awarded by Outside Sources

Searching for scholarships from outside sources? Check out the scholarship listing and join the Scholarship Listserv to have scholarship notices sent to your email address.

Federal regulations require the University to take into account all aid resources when determining your eligibility for financial aid. Therefore, you must report all scholarships and grants that you receive from sources other than Syracuse University.

Your MySlice Financial Aid To Do List will be updated in June with an Educational Resource Form that you can use to report any outside scholarships/grants.

Non-Syracuse University scholarships, awards, or grants may be used to fill any unmet need, or reduce federal loans or work-study awards.

Tuition Benefits and Tuition Exchange

Students who receive a tuition benefit based on a parent’s employment will have their need-based Syracuse University Grant reduced by the amount of that tuition benefit.

Syracuse University scholarships are tuition specific and may be combined with other tuition specific awards (including those outside of Syracuse University), not to exceed the amount of tuition for each year. If you are a Syracuse University Dependent Tuition Benefit (DTB) eligible student receiving less than 100 percent benefit, your Syracuse merit-based scholarship may be combined with your Dependent Tuition Benefit, up to the cost of full tuition. If you receive 100 percent tuition benefit from the Syracuse DTB program, or receive a Tuition Exchange award, you will receive a merit-based scholarship in name only, as your scholarship is already included in your Tuition Exchange or Dependent Benefit funding.