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By the end of their first semester of study, all graduate students must submit an official transcript which must bear the appropriate signatures and seal of the institution that issued it, and must be received by Syracuse University in a sealed envelope directly from that institution. Unsealed documents which may have been in the hands of students are not considered official.

After completion of the first semester of graduate study, the Graduate School may prohibit further registration for any student who has not met this requirement. The hold on registration will only be released when this requirement has been met.

To meet this requirement, contact the Registrar's Office of the higher educational institution that conferred the degree and request the electronic official transcript(s) be sent to Syracuse University. All original transcripts must be in English or translated into English and notarized by the Registrar's Office at the institution attended. The Registrar’s Office at the institution may send the official degree documentation as follows:

  • Transcript service. If the institution uses a transcript service such as Parchment, WES, or other services, they can select Syracuse University Graduate Admissions to send the official documents electronically.
  • Secure email. If the institution uses a secure email system requiring a password, the official documents can be sent to
  • By mail. The documents may be sent to the following address:

    Enrollment Processing-Graduate Admissions
    Syracuse University
    400 Ostrom Ave.
    Syracuse, NY 13244

For students who have received a degree(s) from a U.S. institution(s):

  • Transcript(s) from all prior institutions indicating that a degree(s) has been awarded.

For students who have received a degree(s) outside the U. S.:

  • A diploma, certificate, or certificate of graduation bearing the appropriate signatures and seal of the institution that specifies your degree(s) and date(s) of degree awarded.
  • A transcript (mark sheet, statement of marks, grade report) that contains all courses taken and grades for each course completed as related to each degree awarded.