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Selecting a Major

At Syracuse, we support undecided students by giving them the flexibility to explore their interests while receiving expert advice from our Academic Advisors.

If you’re still in the process of selecting an undergraduate program, we’re here to help. Click on your interest below to jump to sample majors to consider.

Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM)

Our STEM programs offer fantastic opportunities to delve deeper into biological principles, engineering concepts, mathematical operations, and technological advances. STEM students often pursue careers in research, laboratory sciences, health professions, and more. Combine your strengths in math and science with problem-solving skills and creative thinking to make the most of your college experience.

Sample programs:


Do you see medical, dental, veterinary, or physician’s assistant school in your future? Regardless of your major, our Pre-Med/Pre-Health Track will assist you with academic planning and link you to helpful resources including mock interviews, job shadowing, volunteer experiences, and more. Our individualized advising and support will be available to you even after you graduate from Syracuse, as we are dedicated to helping you succeed.

Sample programs:

Communications and Writing

Do you enjoy communicating your ideas to others? We’ll help you develop these skills even further. From creative writing to broadcasting, and from written prose to photography, you will receive expert instruction and feedback as you become a skilled communicator. Explore a diverse set of course options to find the strengths that will propel you forward in any job market.

Sample programs:

Visual Arts, Architecture, Film, and Design

By using innovative approaches, you’ll push the boundaries of communication, architecture, art, fashion, and more. Consider these majors if you’re interested in bolstering your creativity with professional knowledge, and are eager to solve today’s problems using design solutions.

Sample programs:

Teaching and Human Services

Are you motivated by helping others? Is personal interaction a priority for you? If so, consider our programs in education and social services. You’ll join a group of students and professionals who put others first, and who change lives for the better. Our programs will prepare you for many career paths, including teaching, counseling, health advocacy, and social work.

Sample programs:

Policy, Government, and Social Justice

Develop the skills necessary to tackle today’s challenges. Whether it be in social and economic policy, conflict and collaboration, public wellness, energy and the environment, national security, international relations, or another field, you will develop a deep understanding of important issues. This will prepare you for law school, and/or to work for government and social advocacy groups.

Sample programs:

Business and Technology

Do you have strong leadership, mathematical or entrepreneurial skills? Are you a strong negotiator? A degree in a business or analytics field might be the right choice. You’ll hit the ground running with challenging course work, and round out your education with integrated internship experiences. With strong communication skills, you’ll be an excellent candidate for your next corporate position or be poised to start your own company.

Sample programs:

Music and Drama

From performance to technical design and management, music and drama students push their creative skills to the limit. With a range of creative options, you’ll work hard, find your voice, and take a global approach to your education. Through our programs and interdisciplinary course work, you’ll develop the professional and creative skills needed to succeed in one of many creative industries.

Sample programs: