World Partner Program

Choose from over 60 partner institutions in cities across the globe through our World Partner Programs.


World Partner programs offer a range of models for Syracuse students. You can enroll in a small program sponsored by other U.S. universities (in Namibia, South Africa, Costa Rica, Ecuador, and India), enroll in foreign universities where most of your classes are with international students (in Israel, Japan, and Korea), or directly enroll in university courses alongside local students (Australia and Ireland).

With over 60 world partner options, narrowing down your choices might seem overwhelming! Take a look at an overview of academic specialties [PDF, 223KB] of Syracuse World Partners. For pre-approved courses, visit the specific program page of your chosen program.

Talk to Recent World Partner Students

The best way to understand what to expect at a World Partner is to talk to someone who has already participated in the program. Our World Partner global ambassadors formed close friendships, traveled all over the world, and gained the self-confidence that can only come from living in an unfamiliar place—ask them about their programs!