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Why Syracuse Abroad?

Are you interested in studying abroad for personal development, making lifelong friends, seeing the world or honing language skills? Syracuse Abroad can offer you the chance to do all of the above!

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Our Syracuse Abroad Centers and Featured Programs

Syracuse Abroad centers, extensions of the Syracuse University campus, are widely recognized for their focus on student success, the quality of their academic and cultural programming and their innovative experiential learning opportunities. The University operates centers in Florence, Italy; London, England; Madrid, Spain; Santiago, Chile; and Strasbourg, France, as well as a featured program in Central Europe based in Wroclaw, Poland. These programs specialize in a wide range of professional and liberal arts disciplines. Each is managed by a director, along with multicultural staff, delivering unparalleled academic programs and support services to students studying abroad. Staff abroad and on campus are dedicated to empowering students to reach their full potential abroad, both academically and personally.

Travel with Purpose: Syracuse Signature Seminars

With Syracuse Abroad, you may enroll in a Signature Seminar that marries travel with hands-on research, experiential learning, reflection and creative expression. These exciting and academically rigorous courses, which are among Syracuse Abroad’s distinguishing features, combine adventure and travel with academic purpose.

During a Signature Seminar, you visit multiple destinations and explore global issues through local perspectives. These seminars are run by highly experienced faculty and staff and are an opportunity to acclimate to life abroad, better understand your new home city in a broader regional context, and build new friendships and community.

World Ready. Career Ready: Internships, Volunteer and Research Opportunities

Syracuse Abroad programs include abundant opportunities to engage deeply with the topics you study and the communities you visit.

Regional field trips and field study are incorporated in many of your courses, and Syracuse University’s respected reputation gives Syracuse Abroad students an edge in securing internships and volunteer and research opportunities.

The friends I made, lessons learned, and incredible experiences I had exploring the country allowed me to build a new perspective on handling my daily life. It opened my mind to new opportunities and I saw that there is so much more that the world has to offer.

—Nick Barba ’20

Diversity and Inclusion

Syracuse Abroad programs strive to create a space that makes every student feel welcomed, supported, empowered and valued. Each program exposes you to original perspectives while preparing you to thrive in a new environment. Resources and services are available to help you acclimate and gain a greater understanding of the customs of other countries.

Health and Safety

Syracuse Abroad is known for its exceptional care and diligence in all matters relating to student safety and the holistic well-being of the student. Staff on campus work closely with local experts abroad, international partners and campus resources, including the State Department and International SOS travel guidance, to ensure the safety of all students studying abroad.

Connect with Syracuse Abroad through general advising sessions or program appointments. Drop-in or schedule a virtual or in-person advising session at SyracuseAbroad@Bird Monday-Friday from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Or, schedule an appointment to meet with a Syracuse Abroad program advisor. View all advising options View all advising options.