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View of bridge and buildings across a river in Florence, Italy.

Begin your college career abroad at a Syracuse Center in Florence, Italy; Madrid, Spain; or Strasbourg, France.

About Syracuse University's Discovery Programs

Our Discovery programs provide you with travel opportunities during your first semester of college. You'll gain an international foundation through global education to expand your academic options, foreign language proficiency and comprehension of global politics.

These programs fulfill the same curricular requirements as those for first-year students studying at Syracuse University's Main Campus, while providing a unique course schedule specific to their location.

Benefits of First-Semester Study Abroad

Start building global experience into your resume early on by gaining once-in-a-lifetime experiences and taking unique courses. Set yourself apart from peers by gaining global experience quickly. Many Discovery students go on to study abroad more than once!

Discovery Program Highlights

Choose from multiple study abroad locations and programs:

The World Won't Wait, So Why Should You?

Start your college career off with an experience you will never forget!

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Ideal Candidates for the Discovery Program

Ideal Discovery program students are open-minded individuals who are ready for new academic and life experiences.

Discovery program students:

  • Have a strong desire for independence
  • Are open to new and nontraditional experiences
  • Are comfortable living with a host family
  • Are ready to step out of their comfort zone and be flexible
  • Want to travel and see the world
  • Have a strong desire to immerse themselves in a new culture
  • Are open to learning a new language
  • Want to invest in personal development

What To Expect

As a Discovery program student, you should plan ahead on program logistics to make sure you are fully prepared to successfully participate.

  • Academics: You should be prepared to take placement exams prior to enrolling.
  • Budget: All students are charged the same tuition as students on Main Campus. Each program also carries an additional program fee that covers housing, meals, program-sponsored trips, onsite support and more. Please review your program's budget sheet on our  Discovery Cost and Aid page.
  • Passports and Visas: Every student will be required to have a valid passport and student visa for the entire duration of the program plus six months beyond the end date.
  • Travel: You will fly directly from your home to their Discovery destination. Syracuse Abroad will give you guidelines about when and where you must arrive in-country.
  • Housing: All students will live with a carefully vetted homestay family with another Discovery roommate. Homestays are the best way to immerse yourself in the culture!

Want to learn more about your program from students who have already experienced it? Check out our Discovery Program Global Ambassadors! Discovery program alumni are willing to answer your questions via email at any time.

Get in Touch

You can reach out to us at Syracuse Abroad  if you have questions about your program or getting started. You can also check out  Syracuse University Admissions  if you have not applied and need more information about the application.

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