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Social Differences, Social Justice

The interdisciplinary Social Differences, Social Justice cluster places Syracuse University scholars at the center of national and global discussions of social differences. By attending to racial, ethnic, indigenous, LGBT and gender identities; understandings of culture; ability; and disability, the cluster is centered on the pursuit of just futures.

In recent years, racial, sexual and economic inequalities have dominated the headlines. Politicians have had to address issues of structural racism and sexual inequality. Terms like “white privilege” have entered the mainstream through the work of scholars from across the academy. Technology has both contributed to and provided new means to understand and challenge inequality. Syracuse University is uniquely positioned to influence these important conversations. We are geographically located in a significant place of historic change, home to movements for indigenous peoples, women, African Americans, and disability rights that continue to shape American and global struggles for equality.

This history is reflected in the University’s continued commitment to diversity and inclusion that is reflected in scholarship and teaching in African American Studies, Composition and Cultural Rhetoric, Art and Music Histories, LGBT Studies, Native American and Indigenous Studies, Women’s and Gender Studies, as well as in units and departments across campus.

The cluster is divided into four main thematic and overlapping areas: Structures of Social Inequality; Art, Expression, and Resistance; Differences in a Digital World; and Historical and Global Transformations.

Recent Notable Publications

  • Kristen Barnes, The Pieces of Housing Integration, 70 Case W. L. Rev. 717 (2020)
  • Kristen Barnes, Reframing Housing: Incorporating Public Law Principles into Private Law, 31 Duke Journal of Comparative and International Law 91 (2021)

Primary Contacts

Patrick W. Berry
Carol Faulkner
Prema Kurien
Norman Kutcher
Danielle Smith
Brad Gorham

This cluster includes more than 30 affiliated faculty from the College of Arts and Sciences, Martin J. Whitman School of Management, College of Law, College of Engineering and Computer Science, School of Information Sciences and College of Visual and Performing Arts.