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Summer at Syracuse

There’s a lot going on at Syracuse University this summer, and we welcome you to take part in it.

Syracuse Campus in the summer
No matter what kind of student you are—full time, part-time, visiting from another college, a high school student, or not officially a student at all—there’s something for everyone during Summer at Syracuse. Explore the options available this summer—on campus, online, and abroad.

Summer Sessions

What’s your goal this summer? Do you want to boost your GPA or make up some credit deficits? Are you determined to stay on track to graduate, or do you just want to take a class that satisfies your curiosity? Summer Sessions offers classes online or on campus that can fit into even the busiest schedule. There are even incentive programs that help reduce tuition costs.

Summer College for High School Students

For more than 60 years, Syracuse University has been providing exceptional and transformative pre-college experiences to high school students from around the world. Summer College students have the unique opportunity to explore potential college majors and pursue academic interests in a variety of credit and noncredit courses. Students participate in high-level instruction, have access to campus offerings and resources, and are welcomed into an engaging and supportive community.

Summer Study Abroad

Students choose to study abroad during the summer for many reasons. Maybe you can’t commit to an entire semester away from your home college campus, or you need to catch up on credits, or the class you want to take is only offered in a faraway venue. Summer Study Abroad can give you an international perspective, enhance your resume, and give you memories that last a lifetime.

English Language Institute

The English Language Institute at Syracuse University provides the opportunity for non-native English speakers to improve their academic English skills. The ELI offers exceptional instruction in several areas of English language development such as reading and writing, speaking and listening, and grammar skills. During the summer months, there are several programs offered at the ELI, including our core Academic English program and specialized programs such as English for Lawyers and English for Architecture. Whether you are conditionally admitted to Syracuse University or just want to heighten your English skills, the ELI is a great place to pursue your goals of English language learning!