​Frequently Asked Questions about Academics

Syracuse University students enjoy the smaller community they experience in their home college, but have the advantages of a larger university. In addition to small classes and a commitment to the liberal arts, students have many opportunities to learn outside of the classroom.


  1. Do you have an honors program?
  2. Can I take part in research as an undergraduate? What kind of opportunities are there?
  3. What is the faculty-to-student ratio?
  4. How big are the classes?
  5. May I start school early?
  6. Can I complete more than one major at Syracuse?
  7. Can students complete internships?
  8. How many classes are taught by teaching or graduate assistants?
  9. Can I study abroad?

Do you have an honors program?Link

Yes. The Renée Crown University Honors Program is for accomplished students seeking the academic challenge of honors-level classes and who are prepared to take on the additional demands of the program:

  • Heightened expectations
  • Participation in a vibrant and active community of learners
  • Intensity of intellectual experience
  • Special intellectual opportunity and responsibilities

Can I take part in research as an undergraduate? What kind of opportunities are there?Link

Syracuse University is a top-tier, R-1 research institution, the highest designation made by the Carnegie Classifications of Institutions of Higher Education. The designations are based on research and development expenditures, research staff, and number of doctoral conferrals. Most students discover research opportunities through conversations with their faculty advisors.

What is the faculty-to-student ratio?Link

The faculty-to-student ratio is 1:16.

How big are the classes?Link

The average class size is 25 students. 80% of undergraduate classes have fewer than 30 students, and 92% have fewer than 50 students. Some introductory courses are larger, but only approximately 3% of classes have more than 100 students. When classes exceed 50 students, they will often meet weekly in smaller discussion sections.

May I start school early?Link

Yes. SummerStart is a six-week summer academic program. Entering first-year students choose SummerStart to ease the transition to college and earn credits toward their degree. Learn more about SummerStart.

Can I complete more than one major at Syracuse?Link

Yes. Students have a lot of flexibility and options when it comes to academics. Most of our students select a minor to compliment their major and many students will also complete a second major. Although students will be enrolled in one of the nine colleges as their home college, they will often pursue a second major, or minor, in another college. Students can usually complete two majors within four years, but this depends on the requirements of their selected majors.

Can students complete internships?Link

Most of our students will complete at least one internship during their time at Syracuse, and many will complete more than one. Students can partner with Career Services and the career development center in their home college to find local and national internships during the fall, spring, and summer. Some students may even complete an internship abroad or cooperative (co-op) education program.

How many classes are taught by teaching or graduate assistants?Link

Almost all classes are taught by professors. Our faculty includes 1,013 full-time instructional faculty, 96 part-time faculty, and 454 adjunct faculty. Of the full-time faculty, approximately 86 percent have earned Ph.D. or professional degrees.

Can I study abroad?Link

Yes! Syracuse University is continuously recognized as having one of the top international education programs in the country. Syracuse Abroad operates eight overseas centers along with study abroad options in over 20 additional countries through our World Partners, summer, and short-term programs. We encourage students to take advantage of an international experience during their time at Syracuse, and almost half of our students study abroad.