Sample Email Signatures


The email standards are yet to be established. While many of the brand guidelines are provided here, full establishment of our brand identity is an evolving process. Check here for updates about email standards and additional resources in the coming months.

The following samples should not be used as templates. See Email Standards for a starter signature that can be copied/pasted into Outlook and then modified.

Gender Pronouns

Gender pronouns may be included after your name. These should be set in the regular weight (un-bolded).

Shannon Feeney Andre (Pronouns: she/her/hers)
Communications Manager
Enrollment and the Student Experience


518 Crouse-Hinds Hall, Syracuse, NY 13244

Syracuse University

Alumni Class Year

Alumni may include their class year after their name. See Editorial Style for more information on class-year abbreviations.

Emily Zipprich ’98
Admissions Counselor, Summer Programs
Financial Aid

T 315.443.9420   F 315.443.4593

106 Walnut Pl., Syracuse, NY 13244

Syracuse University

Christopher Richmond G’01
Associate Director of Claims
Risk Management and Regulatory Compliance Services
Campus Safety and Emergency Services

T 315.443.5108   M 315.741.0604   F 315.443.1154

119 Euclid Ave., Syracuse, NY 13244

Syracuse University

Social Media

Personal Account

Signatures may include one of the following social media handles: Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn. This link should follow the email address, preceded by the name of the social network. The content/purpose of these accounts must be professionally related.

Mary Smith
Associate Professor, Reading and Language Arts
School of Education

315.443.5108   Twitter @msmith

200 Huntington Hall, Syracuse, NY 13244

Syracuse University

Institutional Accounts

If your position warrants their inclusion, division/departmental social media links may be included on the same line as the URL. They should also match the specificity of the URL (i.e. links to the official University accounts must be preceded by, links to the official alumni accounts must be preceded by

No more than four social media links may be included. Their titles must not be abbreviated.

Maren Guse Powell
Assistant Director of Digital and Social Media, Adjunct Faculty
Office of Marketing and Communications, News Services


820 Comstock Ave., Ste. 138, Syracuse, NY 13244   Facebook   Twitter   LinkedIn   Instagram

Syracuse University

Persistent Messaging

An additional element may be included above signatures that require persistent messaging like the example below. This text should be italicized and set between divider lines that separate it from the email body and signature.

If you are trying to reach me after hours or on weekends, and this is a crisis situation, please call the 24/7 Counseling Center Crisis Line at 315.443.4715 to speak to an on-call therapist.

Peggy OConnor
Staff Therapist, Sexual and Relationship Violence Response Team
Counseling Center

T 315.443.4715   F 315.443.4276

200 Walnut Pl., Syracuse, NY 13244

Syracuse University