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Live the Orange Experience Through Our Students

Sophomore spills on finding the best study spots, enjoying the beautiful Quad, and making the most of a snow day.

Five More Questions With Savannah ’23

What made you decide to leave Florida and come north to attend college?

When I began creating my college list, I knew I wanted to attend school outside of Florida, as that’s where I’d lived my entire life. I felt as though taking the opportunity to live in a completely new environment would be exciting and a much-needed change. Though it’s sometimes difficult to be so far away from friends and family back home, I’m very happy I made the decision to attend school up north and I could not imagine my college experience any other way.

Did you know what you wanted to major in when you applied to Syracuse University? How’d you figure it out?

Growing up, I always envisioned myself working with kids in some capacity. I was initially unsure of what professional route I wanted to take. To decide, I looked at some of the programs offered by each university I was interested in. Syracuse University’s School of Education really stood out for me because of how immersed you are in the field right away. I figured that getting to take education classes as early as first semester would help me decide whether elementary/special education is what I truly want to do. Once I arrived and began my studies, I knew it was the perfect major for me.

Savannah Stocker shares her orange experience on campus.

What are some activities that you’ve been able to participate in or clubs you’ve joined to help you meet people on campus?

I knew going into college that I wanted to be heavily involved on campus. At the Student Involvement Fair, I signed up for J.U.M.P. , a mentorship program that works with Syracuse middle school and high school students, and the Orange Pulse Dance Troupe. Both of these organizations allowed me to meet new faces outside of my dorm and classes. Later in the semester, I joined University 100 as a student ambassador and became a campus tour guide. As I was only a freshman, this allowed me to meet more upperclassmen and learn about some of the amazing memories they’ve made throughout their time on campus. I am also involved in OttoTHON , Syracuse University’s dance marathon event. This experience was so impactful to me that I am now a member of the event’s Morale Committee. I am a member of Greek life, which has helped me make various connections on campus and meet some of my best friends. And I’m also a member of the Renée Crown University Honors Program , which offers great academic opportunities and hosts research and career-related events throughout the year.

Can you share the three best places you’ve found to study on campus? Why these spots?

I like to mix up my study spaces—they’re definitely Bird Library floor 2, the study lounge in my dorm, and Huntington Hall commons. I love Bird Library, specifically floor 2, as I think it’s the perfect combination of quiet enough to complete work but not totally silent. Bird Library is a great place to work on group projects and to study with friends or on my own. The study lounge in my dorm is where I go when I want to be productive but don’t want to be too far from my room. I also love Huntington Hall commons as it’s a convenient place to work in between classes. I appreciate that many of the schools and colleges across campus have good study locations that I’ve been able to use each semester.

What’s a favorite story or campus secret you’d share with someone who hasn’t been able to visit the Syracuse University campus?

One of my favorite moments at Syracuse was when I experienced my first ever snow day. My roommate and I decided it would be the perfect night to go sledding down on the campus hill. A fun fact about Syracuse University is that there is actually a list of 44 activities each student needs to do before graduating. Sledding down Crouse hill is one of them! For someone who has grown up without seasons, joining in classic winter activities was entirely new to me. Spending the night sledding down the hill, having a snowball fight, and making snow angels was an experience I will never forget, and something every other student should experience as well.

Jacki Grosso

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