Story Archive: 2019

A New Era: Barnes Center at The Arch Transforms Health and Wellness

By Brandon Dyer

The Barnes Center at The Arch has been eagerly anticipated by the Syracuse University community. The new facility and the programs that find their home there include many amenities found in other college and university recreation centers, but the facility isn’t what makes the Barnes Center transformational for students.

Justine Legg Embraces a Larger Community

Be Orange | By Mary Beth Horsington

Justine Legg is redefining the meaning of challenging yourself. As the triple major heads into her senior year she hopes to gain professional skills and continue “squeezing the orange.”

Santita Ebangwese Engineers a Winning Formula

Be Orange | By Mary Beth Horsington

If there is an accolade to be awarded chances are Santita Ebangwese already has it. In four years at Syracuse her list of accomplishments on the court and in the classroom is long. And the biomedical engineering student isn't finished.

Love, War and a Glimpse of Heaven

Donald R. Waful ’37 G’39 | By Mary Beth Horsington

At 103, a former POW reflects on “one big lifetime” filled with love, loss and gratitude. Don Waful is not just one of Syracuse University’s oldest living alumni, he’s arguably our most loyal football fan.

International Students Get a World-Class Welcome

By Mary Beth Horsington

Every year Syracuse welcomes hundreds of international students from all over the globe as they embark on a new academic journey. With the help of student ambassadors, and multiple on-campus organizations and programs the University hopes to create an exciting and welcoming atmosphere. 

Join the Club

By Jay Cox

Students pursue their interests and explore new ones through a multitude of campus organizations.

Igniting Imaginations in Kazakhstan

By Jay Cox

University Professor Stephen Kuusisto has traveled all over the globe working to create opportunities for children of all abilities to demonstrate their talents through inclusive workshops. 

Where Social Justice and Medicine Intersect

Megan Phan ’17 | By Mary Beth Horsington

While studying neuroscience, chemistry and biology at Syracuse University, Megan Phan nurtured a passion for social justice. In medical school, she aims to craft a career based on health, community and equality.

Young Entrepreneurs Bring Unique Travel Experiences to the World

By Mary Beth Horsington

As sophomores in 2017, student-entrepreneurs Kevin Rieck and Tay Lotte faced choosing between their start-up company and pursuing a degree. With the support of Syracuse University they were able to reach their business goals while continuing their education.

An Animator's Golden Age

By Carri Prue

Animation is an art form with limitless creativity, where artists can fulfill our wildest dreams, fuel our curiosity and even spark action. New technologies and digital platforms give animators more freedom than ever—and more influence on the viewer’s experience. Some of the minds behind the magic are Syracuse University alumni.

Becoming a Global Citizen

Alessandro Pugliese ’19 | By Kathleen Haley

Syracuse Abroad alumnus Alessandro Pugliese ’19 immerses himself in culture, language of Italy during three semesters abroad.

A Mechanical Engineer on a Mission

Alexandria McDonnell-Flanagin ’19 | By Shaina M. Hill

Armed with engineering skills and a passion for the sustainability movement, Alexandria McDonnell-Flanagin is turning her dynamic learning experiences at Syracuse into a career.

Inspired Explorations

By Jay Cox

Young Research Fellows Program fuels original research and creative projects for Syracuse University students.

Four Honors Courses That Can Change the World

By Sarah H. Griffin

Explore four small and discussion-based honors courses that cover subjects close to the professors’ intellectual pursuits and are often shaped by student input. It’s in these classes where community is truly forged.

Leading On and Off the Ice

Allie Munroe '19 | By Kelly Homan Rodoski

After leading Syracuse University to its first NCAA tournament, Allie Munroe charts a course to play professional ice hockey.

Becoming an Educator

Sylvia Montijo ’19 | By Jay Cox

Sylvia Montijo worked as a Syracuse University Literacy Corps tutor, studied abroad in Latin America and will soon be in front of a classroom with Teach For America.

Around the Globe and Into Space

Dan Egert '19 | By Kelly Homan Rodoski

Student veteran Dan Egert became an ROTC cadet at Syracuse after traveling the world and now he will be putting rockets into orbit.

The Opportunity to Excel

Steve Barnes '82 | By Jay Cox

Steve Barnes sees Syracuse University as a place where students can discover their potential and change their lives.

A Family Affair: The Flanagans at Syracuse

By Mary Beth Horsington

Valerie Flanagan dreamed of a Syracuse University degree but passed away before it was completed. Now her family is living up to her legacy by getting degrees of their own.

Alumnus Finds Sobriety and New Life as a Writer

Seamus Kirst G'15 | By Mary Beth Horsington

On the heels of an alcohol fueled near-death experience, Seamus Kirst made a decision to pursue a career in journalism. With the help of a master’s degree from Syracuse University, he has rewritten his story by acknowledging the past.

A Transformative Trip

Daniel Jiang '19 | By Sarah Griffin

Silicon Valley isn't the first place that comes to mind when thinking of spring break destinations, but for a group of Syracuse students it served as the perfect backdrop for a different kind of vacation.

Alumni Tap into Portland's Enthusiasm for Craft Brews

Alumni Connections | By Jim Murez

Portland, Oregon, is a thirsty market, and two Syracuse alumni are more than happy to help quench that thirst, having cracked into the craft brewing industry when it was on the brink of its latest stout growth spurt.

Ethan Russell-Benoit on Building Positive Change

Be Orange

Architecture major Ethan Russell-Benoit ’19 crafted his student experience to include community engagement, global experiences, and rigorous academics, all so he would have the tools to design for the greater good.

​Student-Athletes Participate in Summer Study Abroad

By Jennifer Horvath and Meghan Stark

Thanks to an intense push from Marie Kulikowsky G’00, Syracuse Abroad assistant director of summer programs, and Rick Burton ’80, the David B. Falk Endowed Professor of Sport Management, student-athletes have begun to populate Syracuse Abroad summer programs.