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Story Archive: 2019

Championship Days

By Jay Cox

Throughout its history, Syracuse University has earned national titles in a variety of sports.

The Lava Makers

By Jay Cox

In a decade-long collaboration of art and science, the Syracuse Lava Project has fired up researchers and creatives to explore the characteristics of magma.

Harry Dydo Is Right Where He Belongs

Be Orange

By Mary Beth Horsington

The senior and student manager for the men's basketball team inspires the Syracuse community through positivity and achievement.

Living Systems Inspire New Insights

By emphasizing core University strengths in drug discovery, smart materials and biomechanics, the BioInspired Institute creates new ways of problem solving.

Santita Ebangwese Engineers a Winning Formula

Be Orange

By Mary Beth Horsington

At Syracuse, Santita Ebangwese list of accomplishments on the court and in the classroom is long. And this biomedical engineering student isn't finished yet.

Love, War and a Glimpse of Heaven

Donald R. Waful ’37 G’39

By Mary Beth Horsington

At 103, a former POW and Syracuse University alumnus reflects on “one big lifetime” filled with love, loss and gratitude.

The Plant Kingdom’s Invaders

By Jay Cox

Syracuse University biology professor Jason Fridley explores how invasive species can exploit climate change to gain competitive advantage.

Join the Club

By Jay Cox

Students pursue their interests and explore new ones through a multitude of campus organizations.

Igniting Imaginations in Kazakhstan

By Jay Cox

Syracuse University Professor Stephen Kuusisto has traveled the globe, creating opportunities for children with disabilities to demonstrate their talents.

An Animator's Golden Age

By Carri Prue

Animation is an art form with limitless creativity, where artists can fulfill our wildest dreams, fuel our curiosity and even spark action.

Continuing a Journey of Discovery

By Joyce LaLonde

While many students are resolute in their plans for college and beyond, others find their paths are determined by their experiences.

Becoming a Global Citizen

Alessandro Pugliese ’19

By Kathleen Haley

Syracuse University Abroad alumnus Alessandro Pugliese ’19 immersed himself in the culture and language of Italy during three semesters abroad.

A Mechanical Engineer on a Mission

Alexandria McDonnell-Flanagin ’19

By Shaina M. Hill

Alexandria McDonnell-Flanagin is turning her dynamic learning experiences at Syracuse into a career.

Inspired Explorations

By Jay Cox

Young Research Fellows Program at Syracuse University fuels original research and creative projects for students.

Learning from a Library of Living Books

By Shaina M. Hill

Storytellers and readers at Syracuse University's Living Library event in E.S. Bird Library gain new perspectives through interactions about life experiences.

Leading On and Off the Ice

Allie Munroe '19

By Kelly Homan Rodoski

After leading Syracuse University to its first NCAA tournament, Women's Hockey captain Allie Munroe charts a course to play professionally.

Becoming an Educator

Sylvia Montijo ’19

By Jay Cox

Sylvia Montijo will soon be in front of a classroom with Teach For America.

Around the Globe and Into Space

Dan Egert '19

By Kelly Homan Rodoski

Student Air Force veteran Dan Egert became an ROTC cadet at Syracuse University after traveling the world, and now he will be putting rockets into orbit.

The Opportunity to Excel

Steve Barnes '82

By Jay Cox

Steve Barnes sees Syracuse University as a place where students can discover their potential and change their lives.

A Family Affair: The Flanagans at Syracuse

By Mary Beth Horsington

Valerie Flanagan passed away before she completed her degree from Syracuse University. Now her family is living out her legacy by getting degrees of their own.

A Transformative Trip

Daniel Jiang '19

By Sarah Griffin

For a group of Syracuse University students, Silicon Valley served as the perfect backdrop for a different kind of spring break vacation.