Story Archive: 2018

Student Veteran Reflects on his Career at Syracuse

Ben Brickman '20 | By Leah Lazarz

Syracuse football team walk-on Ben Brickman cites his veteran experience and the support he's received from Syracuse University as two of the reasons for his success on and off the field. 

What Angie Pati Has Learned About Effective Leadership

Be Orange | By Jay Cox

Angie Pati has conducted Alzheimer’s and malaria research, trained as an EMT, worked in multiple countries, and served as Student Association Vice President on her path to learning what it takes to make real change happen.

Yaqi Kang Takes Community Seriously in the Snow City

Be Orange | By Jay Cox

Yaqi Kang embraced her role as a representative of the Chinese and international student communities during her time at Syracuse (雪城大学), and welcomed opportunities to learn about differing cultural viewpoints.

Alumna Kristen Unangst Embodies the Orange Spirit

Be Orange | By Jay Cox

Kristen Unangst excelled as Syracuse's mascot Otto, as a supply chain management and finance major in the Whitman School, and by making the most of every opportunity the university could provide.

UC’s Century of Life-Changing Education

Continuing Education | By Eileen Jevis

For a century, University College has served as an advocate for continuing education, helping countless adults earn degrees through part-time study and achieve their dreams.

D’Aniello Family Gift of $20 Million Lifts NVRC

Ultimate Investments | By Amy Speach

In honor of the Syracuse University education and military service that established a foundation for his success, Life Trustee Daniel D’Aniello '68 and his wife, Gayle, provided a $20 million gift for the National Veterans Resource Center.

Saving Darwin’s Finches from Extinction

Galápagos Islands Finches | By Paula Meseroll

Falk professors, Margaret Voss and Rick Welsh, are are studying the impact of the P. downsi parasite on the Galápagos Islands finches, and working to find ecologically sound ways to control the parasite. 

Pre-college Portfolio Program for Young Artists

Teen Art Portfolio Development | By Jay Cox

Talent Agency Teen Art Portfolio Development Inc. aims to harness the talents of young artists and provide undergraduate and graduates students with opportunities to enhance their teaching skills. 

Gravitational Waves Finding Confirms Origins of Gold

Cosmic Smash-Up | By Carol Boll

Syracuse University physicists are among a global team of scientists to make a revolutionary discovery confirming the origins of gold and other heavy metals whose presence in the universe has been a long-standing mystery.