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Story Archive: 2017

Editorial Cartoonist Jim Morin’s Second Pulitzer

Jim Morin ’75 By Renée K. Gadoua

Morin starts his day scrolling through Twitter, skimming newspapers, and watching the news. By 11 a.m., he emails his Miami Herald editor sketches for possible editorial cartoons.

A Nonprofit Grilled Cheese Restaurant with a Mission

Emily Turner ’07 By Amy Speach

Emily Turner has many talents. She’s an architect, public policy expert, and lawyer with a passion for writing and photography. Surprisingly, her newest venture is built on a skill that’s not among her strengths: cooking.

Sailing Club Makes a Comeback at Syracuse

University Traditions By Tom Wilber

At Syracuse University, Harmen Oscar Rockler ’13 was determined to spice up his education in journalism and political science with his passion for sailing. One thing led to another, and soon he was on a quest for a lost piece of Syracuse history.

How to Fix a Broken Heart

Syracuse Biomaterials Institute By Sarah DiGiulio

Through stem cell research in his Syracuse Biomaterials Institute lab, Professor Zhen Ma and his team are growing human hearts so they can find better ways to fix them when they break.

HEOP Support Makes an Education Dream Possible

Timothy Bryant ’15 By Mary Beth Horsington

When Timothy Bryant ’15 was growing up in a tough New Jersey neighborhood in the ’70s, he enjoyed school and believed that despite difficult circumstances, he was destined to go to college and have a rewarding career.

Exploring New Zealand’s Geological Treasures

Syracuse Abroad By Jay Cox

In his office in the Heroy Geology Building, Earth sciences professor Paul Fitzgerald pulls a map of his native New Zealand off the wall and spreads it across a table. “Look,” he says, “you’ve got this plate boundary running right smack through the middle….”

Supporting Global Medical Care through Engineering

Engineering World Health By Paula Meseroll

San Diego native Andrew Ramos ’17 came to the College of Engineering and Computer Science to study bioengineering and make a life for himself. Now, he is making a difference in the lives of others.

Alumnus Shares Theory on Orange Connections

Ira Berkowitz ’82 By Renée Gearhart Levy

Ira Berkowitz ’82 has a theory he refers to as “the Two Degrees of Otto.” When meeting a new person, he can identify someone they know in common—who has some sort of connection to Syracuse University—within two moves at most.

Embracing the Student Experience

Jennie May ’17 By Amy Speach

When Jennie May ’17 talks with prospective students in her role giving tours as a University 100 student ambassador, she invites them to think of their upcoming college years as playdough.

The Science of Shipwrecks

Exploring Cultural History at Sea By Rob Enslin

On the eve of 1863, the USS Monitor sank in a storm off the North Carolina coast. The sinking of the Monitor is one highlight of The Science of Shipwrecks, a Renée Crown University Honors Program course taught by Cathryn Newton, Professor of Interdisciplinary Sciences and a member of the Earth sciences faculty.

Sporting Equipment’s Second Life Helps Children

Max Levitt ’11 is gearing up to play ball By Frank Ready

Since earning a bachelor’s degree in sport management from Falk College in 2011, Max Levitt has helped many youth sports programs feeling a financial pinch through his nonprofit, Leveling the Playing Field.

Academic Spaces Enhanced with Technology Upgrades

Campus Transformation By Kathleen Haley

As part of the Campus Framework, the University invested more than $9 million this summer on a slate of renovations to academic spaces on campus to make classrooms interactive, flexible, and ready for collaboration.

Nashville Native’s Path from Paralegal to Music Executive

Jacqueline Saturn ’90 By Jessica Novak

Music is the defining feature in Jacqueline Saturn’s life. She is the general manager of Harvest Records and Caroline, subsidiaries of Capitol Music Group, and in 2015 was named one of the 50 most powerful women executives in the music industry by Billboard magazine.

Framework Outlines Future of Syracuse Campus

Campus Transformation By Kathleen Haley

When students arrived on campus in fall 2016, they saw the future landscape of Syracuse University had started to take shape, thanks to the Campus Framework.

From Architecture to Web Design and Technology

Kwabena Tettey ’17 By Paula Meseroll

After spending most of his life in the heat of equatorial countries, Kwabena Tettey ’17, who was born in the Ivory Coast, was stunned by the first snow he’d ever seen. And while he adapted to the climate culture shock, he also adjusted his academic plans when he realized that although he is creative, drawing isn’t his strongest talent.

Seven Innovative Courses That Go Beyond the Usual

By Amy Speach

Imagine a technological breakthrough—or perhaps a newfound super power—that would allow you to be fully present in more than one place at a time. Until that breakthrough comes along, check out these creative course offerings across the University allows a glance of all that happens here, in classrooms and beyond.

International Students Preview U.S. College Life

EducationUSA Academy at Syracuse By Mary Beth Horsington

In July, Nikita Malev was part of a contingent of 15 high school students from the far corners of the world who converged on the Syracuse University campus to take part in EducationUSA Academy.

Long Legacy for National Veterans Resource Complex

Campus Transformation By Kathleen Haley

Syracuse University’s tradition of supporting America’s service members will continue with the creation of the National Veterans Resource Complex (NVRC), a first-of-its-kind national center of excellence for research, education, and opportunity to advance the post-service lives of veterans and their families.

She’s the First Transforms Lives of Girls Worldwide

Christen Brandt ’10 By Amy Speach

As co-founder and chief programs officer at a nonprofit organization called She’s the First, Christen Brandt ’10 is giving her all to helping transform the life stories of girls around the world.

Einhorn Family Walk Creates Defining New Space

Campus Transformation By Kathleen Haley

It’s an unmistakable, defining new space that has rejuvenated a prominent area of campus for students. Completed over the summer, the Einhorn Family Walk is a pedestrian-friendly promenade that replaced part of University Place and eliminated a traffic area in a busy section of campus.

Warrior-Scholar Project and Transitioning to Civilian Life

Enriching Academic Life for Veterans By Martin Walls

The Warrior-Scholar Project (WSP) is a donor-funded college readiness initiative, launched at Yale University in 2012, designed to help transitioning servicemembers develop the academic critical skills and the confidence needed to thrive on college campuses.

Architecture as an Agent of Connection and Integration

Jason Foggie ’16 By Amy Speach

Jason Foggie ’16 has an uncommon appreciation for ramps. Long, spiral ramps—ramps going gracefully and elegantly from place to place—were often the focus of his design projects as a School of Architecture student.

Freshmen-Focused Magazine Becomes Fresh U

First-Year Exploration of College Life By Wendy S. Loughlin

As a first-year magazine student at the Newhouse School in fall 2013, Kate Beckman ’17 realized there were no campus publications specifically addressing the topics and issues important to freshmen, or where freshmen could take on leadership roles in the editorial process.

GI Bill Transforms Syracuse’s Veterans Enrollment

University Treasures By Margaret Mason

Syracuse University was both challenged and transformed by the GI Bill. Veterans began enrolling at Syracuse in significant numbers immediately after the war, thanks to the bill.

Native Storyteller Becomes Filmmaker in Wake of 9/11

Terry Jones ’16 By Paula Meseroll

On September 11, 2001, Terry Jones ’16 was in his New York City East Village apartment when he heard the roar of a plane flying low overhead. Now he’s going back to his roots—returning to Seneca Nation’s territory and exploring the field of filmmaking.

Baseball Statistics Club Enters the Classroom

Crunching Major League Numbers By Jay Cox

Data analytics is an instrumental part of the world of professional sports these days, and in recognition of that, Falk College launched a new bachelor of science degree program in sport analytics. In addition to that, students formed the Syracuse University Baseball Statistics and Sabermetrics Club.

U100 Student Ambassadors Introduce Visitors to Campus

University 100 By Liu Jiang

For prospective students and their parents, a campus tour—guided by members of the University 100 student ambassador organization—offers a personalized way to learn about the University’s facilities and culture, as well as many of the important buildings and landmarks.

The Historic Detection of Gravitational Waves

Monumental Discovery By Rob Enslin

Members of the Gravitational Wave Group in the Department of Physics were key members of the LIGO Scientific Collaboration, an international community of more than 1,000 scientists, engineers, and students who detect and study gravitational waves.

Reimagine the World When You Study Abroad

Toward a Global Imagination By Denise Owen Harrigan

Through its diverse programs and offerings, Syracuse Abroad seeks to help students immerse themselves in new cultures and expand their worldview.

Student-Hosted Writing Workshops for Young Artists

Giving Voice to Young Writers and Artists By Amy Speach

The 30-member Syracuse University student organization, Making Expression and Scholarship Heard (MESH), was founded in 2009 with the goal of intertwining the voices of Syracuse student writers and artists with those of kids in the city’s schools.

Accessibility Improvements Ensure a Welcoming Campus

Campus Transformation By Kathleen Haley

The University increased its efforts to create greater accommodations for learning and a connected experience for every member of the campus with more than $4.1 million in accessibility updates in summer 2016.

Dream Role in Hairspray Eclipses American Idol

Austin Holmes ’16 By Paula Meseroll

Choosing between continuing on in the American Idol competition and playing his dream role in the Syracuse Stage production of Hairspray was no easy choice for alumnus Austin Holmes ’16. But he believes everything happens for a reason.

The Making of Influential Online Brand ‘Oh Joy!’

Joy Cho ’01 By Amy Speach

Oh Joy!, the multifaceted Los Angeles-based company creates how-to lifestyle videos, books, and a daily blog, all with a cheerful focus on food, fashion, home decor, and merry moments from everyday life

Students Get Their Hands on 3D Printing at MakerSpace

Collaborative Technology By Christopher Finkle

The Syracuse MakerSpace is a place on campus for students to learn and build innovative products using do-it-yourself approaches with such technology as 3D printers, textile machines, milling equipment, and a laser engraver.

The Writing Career of ‘Wild’ Author Cheryl Strayed

Cheryl Strayed G’02 By Claire Sykes

One day under a hot Mojave, California sun, Cheryl Strayed hoisted an overloaded pack onto her back and took her first step into a world no one in her right mind would dare go as such a novice.

Sculptor Sam Van Aken’s Tree of 40 Fruit

Living Sculpture By Amy Speach

There’s a nice little tree on the Shaw Quad, just outside Hinds Hall, that for most of the year looks much like any other tree—until it blossoms.

Leaders Emerge from Long Commitment to Military

Lessons in Leadership By Kathleen Haley

With its long-standing commitment to the military, the University has provided education to thousands in the armed services—including many who have gone on to prominent leadership roles.

U.S. Army Major General Peggy Combs ’85

Lessons in Leadership By Kathleen Haley

Major General Peggy Combs started her military career as a U.S. Army ROTC cadet on campus. Today, the College of Arts and Sciences graduate, who earned a bachelor’s degree in biology, is back with the cadets.

U.S. Air Force Lt. Gen. Charles P. McCausland ’57

Lessons in Leadership By Kathleen Haley

A military force cannot be sustained on munitions alone. During 35 years in the military, retired U.S. Air Force Lieutenant General Charles P. McCausland ensured troops in combat and in peacetime had the resources they needed to complete their duties.

U.S. Air Force General Robert H. Reed ’59

Lessons in Leadership By Kathleen Haley

As chief of staff at Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe (SHAPE) in Mons, Belgium, from 1986-88, U.S. Air Force General Robert H. Reed was on the front lines of the Cold War.

New Architecture Studio Transforms Design Education

By Amy Speach

Intended to accommodate varied teaching styles and rapidly changing technologies, the Einhorn 21st Century Studio shifts away from the traditional model—a big room filled with drafting tables—to one that mirrors the flexibility of a theater stage.

Relay for Life in Carrier Dome Provides Time to Heal

Healing Walk By Pablo Mayo Cerqueiro

Relay for Life of Syracuse University is a campus get-together aimed at raising funds for cancer research, that’s part of a nationwide effort coordinated by the American Cancer Society.

Exploring Reconciliation in Wroclaw, Poland

Study Abroad By Christine Yackel

Walking among gravestones riddled with bullet holes in a Jewish cemetery in Poland, Danique Masingill ’13, G’14 gained a profound understanding of the causes and effects of conflict in World War II.

Manhattan Immersion at Syracuse’s NYC Campus

By Amy Speach

As Syracuse’s academic campus in New York City, the Fisher Center offers students across disciplines experiential learning opportunities in one of the world’s most dynamic metropolitan areas.

Up for the Ropes Course Challenge

Experiential Education By Jay Cox

The University’s Outdoor Challenge Course on South Campus provides participants with an unforgettable experience focused on team building—from high above the ground.

A Survivor’s Journey

Aurora, Colorado By Stephen Barton

In 2012, Stephen Barton graduated from SU and set off on a cross-country bicycle trip—only to have his life nearly taken away in the Aurora, Colorado, theater shootings. Today, he is dedicated to changing the country’s attitude about gun violence.

The Lava Project

An Eruption of Art and Science By Jay Cox

There are few places in the world to watch a flowing stream of lava. Hawaii and Iceland come to mind. Add Syracuse to the list.