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Stay Safe Pledge: Fall 2021

(Updated August 5, 2021)

Stay Safe. Stay Healthy. Do Your Part.

Read the pledge, then click “Take the Stay Safe Pledge” button at the bottom of the page.

As Syracuse University and Central New York manage the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, the Stay Safe Pledge will be modified to respond to changing conditions as well as health and safety directives from federal, state, and local officials. All members of the Orange community are expected to take an active role in promoting the safety, health and well-being of every campus community member. That means abiding by all health and safety directives and encouraging others to do the same. We will all do our part to keep ourselves, our peers, our colleagues and all Syracuse University community members safe.

As a member of the Orange community, I am committed to keeping myself and the Orange community healthy and safe from the spread of COVID-19, I pledge to take the following actions:

How to Keep Myself Safe

  • Provide documentation of COVID-19 vaccination or exemption to the Barnes Center prior to my return to campus.
  • Wear a mask indoors if I am not fully vaccinated and am accessing campus with an approved medical or religious exemption.
  • Wear a mask outdoors when in the company of others if I am not fully vaccinated and am accessing campus with an approved medical or religious exemption.
  • Get a flu vaccine prior to the start of the Spring 2022 semester.
  • Wash my hands regularly.
  • Monitor my health for symptoms of COVID-19 and notify the Barnes Center if I exhibit symptoms.

How to Keep the Orange Community Safe

  • Wear a mask in designated spaces on campus such as the Barnes Center Health office, the Kimmel COVID-19 Testing Center, and any other area with a posted mask requirement.
  • Wear a mask while riding public transportation provided by the University including trolleys, shuttles and CENTRO buses.
  • Comply with New York State travel guidelines for any personal travel.
  • Adhere to all directives and University guidance if I need to be quarantined or isolated.
  • Don’t attend in-person classes or participate in activities if exhibiting any symptoms of the COVID-19 virus, are awaiting diagnostic test results, or test positive for the virus.
  • Participate in required weekly surveillance testing if I am not fully vaccinated and am accessing campus with an approved medical or religious exemption.
  • Immediately notify Syracuse University's COVID-19 Office of a positive COVID-19 test result if receiving a test not provided by the University.
  • Immediately and honestly participate in contact tracing.
  • Encourage others, including campus visitors, to follow these terms and support anyone who chooses to wear a mask.
  • Follow all health and safety directives from University officials.
  • Follow directives from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, New York State, and/or local authorities that become public during the semester.

The safety of our community is a shared responsibility, and my actions can put myself and others at risk. I understand that whether or not I take this pledge, failure to comply with these directives may result in a referral to the Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities (OSRR) for violation of the Code of Student Conduct, which governs individual and group behavior on and off campus. Sanctions for violating the pledge may be found on the OSRR website .

We recognize that some students with disabilities may need to modify some aspects of this pledge. Students who believe they may not be able to adhere to these protocols for disability-related reasons should contact the Center for Disability Resources to request a reasonable accommodation. Email: Phone: 315.443.4498.