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How We Rise

professor in lab

Understanding the nature of complex biological functions enables us to develop and design materials to address global challenges in health and medicine.

—Heidi Hehnly, assistant professor, biotechnologist

Producing visionary ideas

two students in lab

Recipe for Research

With the support of a faculty mentor, two senior nutrition majors—and foodies—study the benefits of a vegetarian diet.

Orange innovation


Fulbright Scholars

As one of the nation’s top Fulbright Award-producing institutions, we are a place for students who aspire to be global leaders and scholars.

football players
student in lab

I’m hoping to address elements of the health care system that contribute to the inequalities, beyond those that manifest due to social determinants of health.

—Ifeyinwa “Ify” Ojukwu ’22

Making an impact

student doing virtual reality

We have the tools and the expertise to design user experiences for virtual and immersive interactions across multiple fields, training students for jobs on the leading edge of these technologies.

—Professor Makana Chock

Careers of tomorrow

Industrial design montage

Empathy for Innovation

Industrial design student uses thoughtful design solutions to help people stay healthy with the aid of technology.

Innovating inclusivity

student in newhouse

Globe-Trotting Aspirations

Journalism student builds a foundation for a career as an international news correspondent with hands-on classes and internships.

Orange experience