​​Magazine: Spring 2018

​The Dynamics of Big Data

Syracuse faculty are teaching students how to work with vast amounts of data, as well as examining its benefits and liabilities. Also featuring: Ultimate Investments, Empowered, A City Transformed, Life-Changing Learning.

Spring 2018 issue cover featuring Jennifer Stromer-Galley and Jeffrey Saltz surrounded by computer source code Download Issue   [PDF, 9MB]

Cover Story

The Dynamics of Big Data

Thanks to our ever-increasing interconnectivity, we create enormous amounts of data—and Syracuse faculty are teaching students how to work with the information, as well as examining its benefits and liabilities.


Ultimate Investments

In honor of the Syracuse University education and military service that established a foundation for his success, Life Trustee Daniel D’Aniello and his wife, Gayle, provided a $20 million gift for the National Veterans Resource Center.


The Educational Model Program on Water-Energy Research provides an interdisciplinary graduate-level training ground for scientists.

A City Transformed

Rubin Global Design Studio leads students on exploration of progressive urban architecture in revitalized Medellín, Colombia.

Life-Changing Learning

For a century, University College has served as an advocate for continuing education, helping countless adults earn degrees through part-time study and achieve their dreams.

Also in this Issue

Chancellor’s Message

Opening Remarks

Orange Matters

  • Campus Framework: Groundbreaking Projects Underway
  • Maxwell X Lab: The Science of Improving Public Services
  • Goodman IMPRESS Program: Ensuring a Competitive Advantage
  • Community Energy Project: Inspiring Collaborative Sustainability
  • Student Development: Learning Life-Skill Essentials
  • Research Snapshot: Citizen Science-Based Monitoring Framework for Contaminants of Emerging Concern in New York State Lakes
  • Syracuse Abroad: Student Athletes Gain Global Experience
  • Invest Syracuse: Generating Scholarship Support
  • Hendricks Chapel: Bringing Together a Diverse Community
  • Syracuse University Press: Faculty Enhance Scholarship through Book Series
  • Tribute: A Healing Legacy
  • University Treasures: Collection Documents Civil Rights Struggles
  • Sports Notes: Knight Wins 2nd NCAA Championship

SU People

  • Tim Diem: Making Music with the Band
  • Kelsey Montondo ’18: Compassionate Commitment
  • Gladys McCormick: Seeking Understanding in Tumultuous Times
  • Cameron MacPherson ’16: Faith and Religion in Migratory Communities

Alumni Journal

  • Traditions: Uplifting Voices
  • Azzah Aldeghather ’87: The Pioneering Path of a Saudi Architect
  • Linda Fuller ’76: Helping People Heal
  • Orange Connection: Tapping into Portland Brewing
  • Carl Armani ’60: Photographic Memories
  • Evan Fischbein ’03 and Meghan Meehan ’03: Matched for Life
  • Jami Gong ’91: Bringing More Laughter to Asia (Q&A)
  • Tonia O’Connor ’91: Charting Media's Next Course
  • Sterling Boin ’14: A Spirited Climb
  • The View: Pinkney Family Stories