​​Magazine: Spring 2018

​The Dynamics of Big Data

Syracuse faculty are teaching students how to work with vast amounts of data, as well as examining its benefits and liabilities. Also featuring: Ultimate Investments, Empowered, A City Transformed, Life-Changing Learning.

Spring 2018 issue cover featuring Jennifer Stromer-Galley and Jeffrey Saltz surrounded by computer source code Download Issue   [PDF, 9MB]

Syracuse Stories

Magazine Contents

Orange Matters

  • Campus Framework: Groundbreaking Projects Underway
  • Maxwell X Lab: The Science of Improving Public Services
  • Goodman IMPRESS Program: Ensuring a Competitive Advantage
  • Community Energy Project: Inspiring Collaborative Sustainability
  • Student Development: Learning Life-Skill Essentials
  • Research Snapshot: Citizen Science-Based Monitoring Framework for Contaminants of Emerging Concern in New York State Lakes
  • Syracuse Abroad: Student Athletes Gain Global Experience
  • Invest Syracuse: Generating Scholarship Support
  • Hendricks Chapel: Bringing Together a Diverse Community
  • Syracuse University Press: Faculty Enhance Scholarship through Book Series
  • Tribute: A Healing Legacy
  • University Treasures: Collection Documents Civil Rights Struggles
  • Sports Notes: Knight Wins 2nd NCAA Championship

SU People

  • Tim Diem: Making Music with the Band
  • Kelsey Montondo ’18: Compassionate Commitment
  • Gladys McCormick: Seeking Understanding in Tumultuous Times
  • Cameron MacPherson ’16: Faith and Religion in Migratory Communities


  • Ultimate Investments
  • The Dynamics of Big Data
  • Empowered
  • A City Transformed
  • Life-Changing Learning

Alumni Journal

  • Traditions: Uplifting Voices
  • Azzah Aldeghather ’87: The Pioneering Path of a Saudi Architect
  • Linda Fuller ’76: Helping People Heal
  • Orange Connection: Tapping into Portland Brewing
  • Carl Armani ’60: Photographic Memories
  • Evan Fischbein ’03 and Meghan Meehan ’03: Matched for Life
  • Jami Gong ’91: Bringing More Laughter to Asia (Q&A)
  • Tonia O’Connor ’91: Charting Media's Next Course
  • Sterling Boin ’14: A Spirited Climb
  • The View: Pinkney Family Stories