Magazine: Summer 2016

Campaign Crafting

The rise of social media has forever altered how presidential candidates maneuver in their runs for the White House. Also featuring: Honoring the Bard, Game Day, 2016 Commencement.

Summer 2016 cover featuring a crowd of people holding up their phones in anticipation of a candidate walking onto the stage Download Issue   [PDF, 8MB]

Syracuse Stories

Orange Matters

SU People

Magazine Contents

Orange Matters

  • Disability Culture: Superheroes for an Inclusive World
  • Fresh U: A First-Year Exploration of College Life
  • University 100: Student Ambassadors Connect Visitors to Campus
  • Baseball Statistics and Sabermetrics Club: Crunching Major League Numbers
  • Research Snapshot: Communication Avenues for Vietnamese Fishing Communities in Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama with Coastal Resource Agencies
  • Fit Families Program: An Active Time for Children with Autism
  • Newsmakers/Sports Notes
  • Boxing Club: Lessons in the ‘Sweet Science’
  • University Treasures: The GI Bill Transformation
  • Women’s Basketball: Coach Q’s Formula for Success

SU People

  • Johan Wiklund: Maximizing Potential
  • Terry Jones ’16: Native Storyteller
  • Jason Foggie ’16: Designing Cultural Connections
  • Eunjoo Jung: Honoring Children’s Development


  • Campaign Crafting
  • Honoring the Bard
  • Game Day
  • 2016 Commencement

Alumni Journal

  • Traditions: In the Scrum
  • Richard Granoff  ’84: Design, Build, Play
  • First Person: Three Halves
  • Barbara Beskind ’45: Inventions for Quality Aging
  • WhitmanNYC Alumni Club: Bringing Business Lessons to High School Students
  • Lauret Savoy G’90: Landscapes of Memory and Loss
  • Orange Central 2016: Reminisce and Reconnect
  • Elizabeth Braungart Fauth ’00: Enhancing Late-Life Care
  • Q&A with Scott Wiener ’04: Enticed by the Slice
  • Colin Seale ’04, G’07: Bringing Critical Thinking to the Classroom
  • The View: Alum Wildhack to Lead Syracuse Athletics