Magazine: Spring 2016

Monumental Discovery

Syracuse physicists play a major role in historic detection of gravitational waves. Also featuring: Digging into Food, Toward a Global Imagination, Engineering Biomedical Advances.

Spring 2016 issue cover featuring Albert Einstein

Cover Story

Monumental Discovery

Einstein's gravitational waves detected.


Digging into Food

Falk College program breaks new ground in the emerging field of food studies. 

Toward a Global Imagination

Through diverse programs and offerings, SU Abroad seeks to help students immerse themselves in new cultures and expand their worldview. 

Engineering Biomedical Advances

Syracuse Biomaterials Institute researchers leverage collaboration and technology to create medical breakthroughs. 

Also in this Issue

Chancellor’s Message

Opening Remarks

Orange Matters

  • Information Studies: The Art of Learning Science
  • Homeland Security: Soldiers on the Home Front
  • Constitutional Law: Speaking Out
  • Community Mentoring: Giving Voice to Young Writers and Artists
  • Research Snapshot: Understanding the Evolutionary Transition between Annual and Perennial Life History Strategies
  • Unversity Treasures: An Abolitionist’s Constitution
  • SU Athletics: Plaza 44 Honors Orange Legends
  • Newsmakers
  • Orange Magic

SU People

  • Alexis Peña: Community-Minded Scientist
  • Zeke Leonard: Sustainable Designer
  • Jordan Robinson ’15, G’17: A World of Service
  • Yüksel Sezgin: Understanding the Middle East

Alumni Journal

  • Alumni Reflection with Sonia Dalrymple Schork ’55, G’56: Doing the ‘Davy Drill’
  • Micha Crook ’08: Journey of Learning
  • Creative Writing: Words on Mentoring
  • Q&A with Teresa Yi ’10: Reuniting Korean Families
  • Bob Dotson G’69: American Storyteller
  • Sharon Brackett ’84: Activist and Engineer
  • Alland Leandre ’88: Inspiring Careers in Science
  • Michele Cantos ’12, G’14: International Networking
  • Commitment to Those Who Serve
  • Edward J. Pettinella G’76: Guiding Principles
  • The View: Toner Prize Awarded