Magazine: Fall/Winter 2015

The Particle Detectives

In an amazing adventure of modern science, a group of Syracuse physicists is providing breakthroughs on some of the most mysterious particles of the universe. Also featuring: Explorations in Aging, Perfect Harmony, Sacred Justice.

Fall 2015 cover featuring a concept illustration of particles Download Issue   [PDF, 10MB]

Syracuse Stories

Magazine Contents

Orange Matters

  • Management Partnership: Student-Run Firm Elevates Experiential Learning
  • International Outreach: Nourishing Hope in Uganda
  • Media Industry: Newhouse Celebrates 50 Years of Leadership
  • Cybersecurity: Thwarting Attacks
  • Career Services: Ambassadors Enhance Professional Development
  • University Wellness Initative: Healthy Outlook
  • Research Snapshot: Using Public Deliberation to Define Patient Roles in Reducing Diagnostic Error
  • SU Project Advance: Connecting Overseas with High School Students
  • SU Athletics: National Champs! 

SU People

  • Dr. Cynthia Morrow: Commited to Community Health
  • Tim Eatman: Publicly Engaged Scholar
  • Austin Holmes: Born Entertainer
  • Kimberly Davidson: Viewing Differences


  • The Particle Detectives
  • Explorations in Aging
  • Perfect Harmony
  • Sacred Justice

Alumni Journal

  • Traditions: Twists and Twirls
  • Reflections with George Marotta ’50, G’51: Thank You, Uncle Sam
  • Chris Renaud ’89: Fun at Work
  • Collin O’Mara G’06: Wildlife Conservationist
  • Q&A with Rachel Mazur G’96: Bear Essentials
  • Drama Alumni Showcase: Showing off Orange Talent
  • Smithsonian National Postal Museum Exhibition: Showcasing Black America History
  • Orange Central 2015
  • Larry Kramer ’72: A Newsman's Odyssey in Digital Media
  • Jan Strauss Raymond ’65: Inspiring Success in Education
  • Joy Cho ’01: Powered by Joy
  • Emily Vacher G’95, G/L’97: Safety and Security Expert
  • Joseph Kaifala G’10: Vision for a Peaceful Future
  • The View: Hard Earned