Magazine: Spring 2015

Passion for Fashion

Syracuse University and supermodel Emme ’85 are shaping the future of apparel design for full-figured women. Also featuring: Healing Stories, Bright Ideas, Data Driven.

Spring 2015 cover featuring a fashion design major working on pinning a design to a dress form

Cover Story

Passion for Fashion

A wave of change is sweeping across the American apparel landscape. No longer will full-figured women be relegated to wearing muumuus and tent dresses thanks to the extraordinary efforts of supermodel and entrepreneur Emme ’85, who for more than a decade has been on a mission to attain equal fashion status for consumers wearing size 12 and above.


Healing Stories

Three cancer survivors with ties to SU share their experiences of treatment and recovery.

Bright Ideas

Student-inspired projects take off with Fast Forward contest support.

Data Driven

A tenacious government watchdog, the Transactional Records Access Clearinghouse has held federal agencies accountable to the American people for more than a quarter century.

Also in this Issue

Chancellor’s Message

Opening Remarks

Orange Matters

  • Living Sculpture: Tree of 40 Fruit, a Spectacular Sight
  • Newsmakers
  • Movement for Healthy Living: People with Parkinson's Find Relief on Dance Floor
  • Nutrition: Eating Local
  • Forensic Science: Identifying Linguistic Fingerprints
  • Research Snapshot: An Endogenous Neuromodulator in Seizures and Epileptogenesis
  • Computer Science: Sowing Cybersecurity
  • Veterans’ Health Initiative: Moving Forward with Web-Based PTSD Therapy
  • Orange All-Americans

SU People

  • Scott Kevy ’15: Championing Digital Media
  • Leslie Cortese: A Guiding Hand
  • George Athanas: Enhancing Student Experiences
  • Tom Barkley: Math Matters 
  • Whitney Marin ’15: Unlimited Learning
  • Rafael Fernández De Castro: Opening Doors to Latin America

Alumni Journal

  • Traditions: English Lessons in Asia
  • Cheryl Strayed G’02: Wild Adventure
  • Bandier Alumni Association: Honoring Music Industry Leaders
  • Samantha Brown ’92: Travel Star
  • Reggie Acloque ’99: Power Authority
  • Diane Nelson ’89: Character Builder
  • Mark Neporent L’82: Raising the Bar
  • Q&A with Mike Kelly ’75: The Toll of Terrorism
  • Alumni Cheerleading: Enduring Orange Spirit
  • Orange Encounters: The Syracuse Network
  • Reflections with Saul I. Weinstein ’53: The Flag-hunting Prefab Incident
  • The View: The Ensley Athletic Center Opens