Magazine: Summer 2014

Resounding Tradition

For 125 years, students have rung the Crouse Chimes, providing a sonorous soundtrack for the University community. Also featuring: Wall Street Readying, Winning Support, Commencement 2014.

Summer 2014 issue cover featuring a student playing the Crouse Chimes

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Resounding TraditionLink

First installed in 1889, the Crouse Chimes are rung up to three times a day and on special occasions. 


Wall Street ReadyLink

The Whitman School's Orange Value Fund immerses students in the world of finance and teaches them how to capitalize on the experience. 

Winning SupportLink

The Center for Fellowship and Scholarship Advising guides students in competing for prestigious scholarships, helping them achieve academic and career success.

Commencement 2014Link

Photographs and highlights of Syracuse University's 160th Commencement.

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Chancellor's MessageLink

Opening RemarksLink

Orange MattersLink

SU PeopleLink

  • James Haywood Rolling Jr.: Creative Leadership
  • Angela LaFrance: Dedicated Dynamo
  • Christopher Cofer: Summertime Learning
  • Katherine Frega: The Healing Game
  • Natalie Russo: Insights on Autism
  • Gerardo Martinez: Wading into Wetlands Research

Alumni JournalLink

  • The Speech Heard Round the World
  • Pulitzer Prize: Giving Voice to Struggling Families
  • Traditions: Standing Strong
  • Reflections with N. Lester Stoddard ’50: Years of Joy
  • Q&A with Bob Mankoff ’66: Laughing All the Way to the Cartoon Bank
  • In the First Person: The Real Power of Solar
  • Ujwala Samant G’90, G’95: Nourishing Change
  • Chris Licht ’93: News Matters 
  • Daily Orange Initiative: Digitizing History
  • Oswaldo Ortega ’05: Fresh Thresholds
  • Ann Neidenbach ’84: Adventurous Innovator
  • Powerup Atlanta: Leading by Example
  • The View: Climate Change Garden Grows